Can you bring a travel stroller onto an aeroplane?

Travel Stroller

Choosing the perfect travel stroller is the perfect place to start when wanting to escape to some winter sun! We often get asked, “can you bring a stroller onto an aeroplane?” Most of the time, the majority of strollers and prams are taken and stored in the luggage hold. But some strollers CAN go onto the plane with you, being stored in the overhead compartments. This is where the Aster 2 comes in! 


Ultra-Compact Design:


One of the standout features of our Aster 2 is its ultra-compact design. The Aster 2 stroller is built with travel in mind it can easily be stowed away in overhead compartments or placed in the boot of a car. The compact design ensures that you won’t be slowed down, allowing you to navigate airports and aeroplanes with ease.


Lightweight and Maneuverable:


Travelling with little ones can be challenging, especially when juggling luggage, passports, and boarding passes. The Aster 2 travel stroller is not only compact but also incredibly lightweight. Manoeuvring through crowded airports becomes a breeze, using our carry strap makes it easier lifting it in and out of the boot or carrying it up the aeroplane stairs. 


One-Handed Fold Mechanism:


Time is essential when catching a flight, and fumbling with a complicated stroller fold can be stressful. The Aster 2 travel stroller eliminates this hassle with its one-handed fold mechanism. Parents can effortlessly collapse the stroller with a single hand while holding onto their child or managing other things. 


In conclusion, the Aster 2 travel stroller is the ideal travel companion for parents. Its ultra-compact design, lightweight build, and one-handed fold mechanism make navigating airports with a stroller a breeze. Whether stored in overhead compartments or car boots, the Aster 2 prioritises convenience for a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.