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We are so proud to present to you an array of reviews and awards that our pram and stroller collections, including the Aster and StarGazer, have earned. At didofy, our commitment to crafting exceptional strollers that blend innovation, comfort, and style is not only our mission but a testament to the unwavering love you have for your little ones. Embarking on the parenthood journey comes with a myriad of decisions, and choosing the right stroller is undoubtedly a pivotal one. 

didofy Aster reviews and awards

Discover the insights from trusted voices in the parenting community, as they share their experiences with the Didofy Aster. From comprehensive written reviews on platforms like Made For Mums, Mumsnet, and GoodtoKnow, to engaging video content on YouTube, the Aster’s features, performance, and design are brought to life by those who have embraced its excellence.

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Aster Awards wins:

Celebrate with us as we proudly showcase the awards and recognitions that the Didofy Aster has earned. From the prestigious Made For Mums Awards, where it secured Silver and Gold in differen categories, to the Junior Design Awards that highlighted its exceptional design, these accolades underscore the excellence we strive for.didofy Aster awards 2023

didofy Stargazer reviews and awards:

Newly released in May 2023, read firsthand accounts of the Didofy Stargazer’s journey with families. The Mother&Baby reviews offer a glimpse into how this stroller meets the needs of both parents and babies, while exclusive interviews shed light on the innovation behind its creation.

Stargazer Awards

Await the imminent announcement of the 2023 Junior Design Awards, where we have been shortlisted for the Best Pushchair Design we also anticipate the announcement of the Project Baby, Made For Mums, Mother and Baby and DadsNet awards for the Stargazer. Stay tuned to witness how the Stargazer’s innovation and elegance continue to capture hearts.


At Didofy, every stroller we create is a testament to our dedication to providing the utmost in comfort, safety, and style for your precious little ones. Explore the voices of parents who have embraced the Didofy journey, and join us in celebrating the recognition our strollers have garnered within the parenting community and beyond. Your journey with Didofy is one of excellence and trust, and we are thrilled to have you as part of our family.