Introducing didofy

Transforming lives of parents

At didofy, we understand that family life comes with plenty of challenges and we believe that folding a pushchair shouldn’t be one of them. As a British brand founded by parents, we create award-winning, stylish and durable pushchairs and travel systems that relieve parenting stress, allowing you to focus more of your time and efforts on your baby.
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What empowers us

Our values

We created didofy as a solution for a common problem for parents - the stress of folding a pushchair. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to the innovation, research and development of ways to make parents’ lives easier. This continues to be at the heart of every didofy product.

As a result, our key values are:

Family. Didofy was founded by parents, with products made by parents, and designed for parents. Every aspect of didofy is centered around families.

Innovation. We strive to continually push the bounds of what’s possible, and find new ways to simplify daily family life.

Sustainability. We are conscious of our impact on the world, and continuously work to introduce more eco-friendly methods and materials into our business.

Quality. At didofy, the focus is on creating products that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. We understand the importance of quality, and are committed to providing it at an affordable price.