As the manufacturer, Didofy Limited, which has its principal place of business in England (hereinafter: “Didofy”), supplies its Didofy pushchairs and accessories (which will hereinafter be referred together and separately as “product”) under warranty, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The manufacturer’s warranty period is 24 months, from the date of purchase as indicated on the sales receipt. The remaining guarantee for the original product will apply for a replacement part or product or a repaired product.
  2. This manufacturer’s warranty applies only in the region in which the product was purchased. Didofy guarantees that the product will be in compliance only with the statutory provisions and/or government regulations that apply in the region in which the product was sold. Didofy reserves the right to apply a divergent manufacturer’s guarantee for those specific regions.
  3. This limited manufacturer’s warranty only applies for a product that is purchased for private use. This limited manufacturer’s warranty expressly excludes products obtained for commercial purpose or use, including, but not limited to products for commercial rental.
  4. The manufacturer’s warranty provides a right to repair unless Didofy is of the opinion that replacement or return of the product is necessary. Didofy will bear the expense and risk of transport from and to the retailer (hereinafter: “the retailer”) where you purchased the product, provided the repair is covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. Didofy reserves the right to stop manufacturing a particular model, colour, fabric or accessory, and therefore it will replace a part with a similar product, colour or fabric during the manufacturer’s warranty period.
  6. To claim under this manufacturer’s warranty you must provide Didofy with the following:
  • a copy of the dated receipt of purchase,
  • a clear description of the complaint and
  • the defective product and/or photographs of the defective part or product.
  1. The manufacturer’s warranty is not transferable and may therefore only be invoked by the first owner.
  2. The manufacturer’s warranty does not affect any statutory rights you may have, for example the right to hold the retailer accountable for defects.


The manufacturer’s guarantee applies in respect of the product and covers the following:

  • all manufacturing defects in the chassis, frame, electronics and the wheels;
  • all manufacturing defects in the car seat adapters;
  • zippers;
  • all parts of the harness of your Didofy pushchair;
  • seams in the covering;
  • self-adhesive straps; and
  • colourfastness.



  • If you have made or arranged for modifications or repairs to be made without first having received written permission from Didofy or the retailer.
  • Defects resulting from neglect or an accident and/or from any use or maintenance other than that indicated in the user guide.
  • If the serial number has been damaged or removed.
  • Damage to the product caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Incorrect mounting or installation of third-party parts that are incompatible with the product.
  • Inadvertent or unintentional damage, abnormal use or insufficient care.
  • Improper storage / product care.
  • Damage to push bars or upholstery due to normal daily use of the product.
  • Holes or tears in the tires.
  • Damage due to improper use or due to failure to follow user guide.
  • Damage due to repairs carried out by unauthorized persons or due to improper disassembly of the product.
  • Transport damage (during air transport or other modes of transport): carefully inspect your Didofy product after it was shipped by the airline (or other carrier) and in case of any damage immediately file a claim with the carrier.
  • Customer dissatisfaction with the product in terms of fit, weight, functionality, colour or design.



The manufacturer’s warranty period for this product is 24 months from the purchase date indicated on the sales receipt. Save the sales receipt in a safe place and make a copy of it. If you submit a claim under this manufacturer’s warranty you must first contact your retailer. If your retailer is unable to repair the defect or if you have purchased the product directly from Didofy, you can contact Didofy by sending an e-mail to For complaints that arise outside the manufacturer’s warranty period you must also contact your retailer or you can contact one of our service centres.

Didofy reserves the right to amend these manufacturer’s warranty provisions. You can find the most up-to-date manufacturer’s warranty provisions on our website: