Best stroller for flying

Best stroller for flying

Travelling with a little one can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the best stroller for flying that suits all your needs. If you frequently go abroad or are planning a holiday, having a compact stroller can make all the difference. In this blog, we’ll explore aspects of travelling with your little one, and how our Aster 2 is ideal for any travelling needs.

All the needs for a perfect stroller:

When it comes to flying, parents often face the problem of finding a stroller that is not only lightweight and compact but also durable and stylish. A lightweight stroller is essential when packing it up and moving it various places, especially if you are holding or watching your little one! A stroller that combines all these essential functions can turn a stressful trip on holiday into a smooth and enjoyable one!

Ultra compact design

Having a stroller that is compact makes travelling abroad and around the airports much easier as there is much less hassle and fuss, especially when going through procedures at the airport! Alongside compactness, having a lightweight feature is super beneficial. For example, our Aster 2 model folds to half its size with the use of one hand and weighs in at 6.2kg. With designs like that you can be sure your holiday with your little one will be as easy as can be, keeping them safe and secure. 

Easy folding

Convenience is key when you’re juggling luggage, passports, and a child. Having a quick and easy fold mechanism allows you to collapse the stroller effortlessly, leaving you with a free hand for other important tasks. We take pride in this at Didofy with our Aster 2’s one handed Magicfold. 

Handy Features

Some additional features to the Aster 2 travel stroller that can be game changing when abroad is the cup holder and below basket. The basket can be ideal for holding all your holiday essentials, such as towels, suncream, toys or anything else you need! And, especially in a hot country, the cup holder is perfect for your drinks and keeping you hydrated through hot summery days. It can even double to be a sun cream holder! 

In the search for the best stroller for flying, consider all these points before choosing the best stroller for your family. Consider our Aster 2, with its new price of £199.99 and its thoughtful design, compact fold, and travel-friendly features make it a go-to choice for parents seeking a hassle-free travel experience with their little ones. Happy and stress-free travels await with the perfect travel stroller on your holiday!