Top Tips for Travelling During Pregnancy


More and more couples are taking babymoons, travelling during pregnancy can be an exciting yet daunting experience. It is possible to have a safe and enjoyable journey, while taking certain precautions and considerations into account. We have put together some of our top tips to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip for pregnant women. Whether you’re planning a staycation or a trip abroad, these tips will help you make the most of your travel while prioritising your health and well-being.

Travelling During Pregnancy

Check with your Midwife or GP:

Before embarking on any travel plans, it is vital to check with your midwife or your GP. They will be able to provide information if it is suitable for you to travel with regards to overall health and the stage of your pregnancy. Certain medical conditions or high-risk pregnancies may require you to avoid long trips or specific modes of transportation.

Choose the Right Destination:

When travelling abroad ensure you have adequate travel insurance and hospitals to provide emergency care just in case. Some holiday destinations have limited access to healthcare or require specific vaccinations that may not be safe during pregnancy, your midwife will be able to advise on this. Something else worth considering is the temperature to ensure comfort during your stay. If you opt for a warmer climate keeping cool and comfortable during your pregnancy is key, so remember to seek shade and rest often.

Timing Matters:

The second trimester is the ideal time to book your trip, which is between 14 to 28 weeks. During this time morning sickness has likely reduced or gone. Some mums-to-be experience reduced mobility during the later stages of pregnancy as the baby grows. We strongly suggest whatever trip you are planning whether it’s abroad for some sun or a staycation, you speak to a midwife prior to booking and once booked you take all relevant documentation with you.

Pack Wisely:

Once you have the go ahead for your trip, it’s time to pack. First things first make sure you pack pregnancy vitamins and any medications you might need for your trip. Next is the more fun part, pick your outfits, pack loose and comfortable clothing which can accommodate your growing bump. It’s worth considering a maternity support belt, especially, if you will be exploring on holiday. If you are flying or sitting down for a prolonged period of time, compression socks are also worth using. Keep your medical notes in your hand luggage to have them to hand, and some airlines require a safe to fly form from your midwife, so if you have one keep it handy.

Stay Hydrated and Snack Smartly:

Whilst travelling and during your holiday remember to keep well hydrated – we hear you, we know it means extra loo visits, but it’s really important to yours and your baby’s well being. It’s also worth mentioning that for some locations it’s safer to drink bottled water over tap but you can double check this before arriving. Don’t forget to keep your energy levels up with some healthy snacks, they can also help with nausea you might feel as a result of pregnancy or travelling.

Remember to rest:

Pick accommodation which is comfortable if you are going abroad then remember to select somewhere with air conditioning so you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday before the baby arrives. Don’t hesitate to ask for extra pillows to help you sleep in a safe position and for a comfortable night’s sleep. If possible, take naps in the afternoon to help you to rest and recoup.

Dining out:

When dining out, select well-cooked, fresh meals to avoid any unnecessary illnesses. It is key to avoid raw or undercooked food and unpasteurised dairy. As previously mentioned, stick to bottled water unless you know the water is safe and if you aren’t sure, avoid ice in your drinks to minimise the risk of any unknown bacteria. 

Keep moving but remember to rest:

When on holiday it’s always nice to go out and explore whether that’s during the day or a light stroll after your evening meal, it’s great to stay active during pregnancy. Walking can help to improve circulation and reduce swelling. But remember to listen to your body and take a rest whenever you need to, over exerting isn’t safe for you or your baby.

Plan your babymoon and enjoy the relaxation you deserve! Planning correctly and taking all necessary precautions will make it an enriching experience for your health and well-being. We hope you found our tips helpful so you can make your trip safe and memorable, creating cherished memories for you and your growing family. Remember to prioritise self-care and listen to your body’s needs throughout the trip. Happy and safe travels!

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