Helping you through your pregnancy

We know that having a baby brings a mix of emotions for parents-to-be and new parents.  Excitement mixed with fear, the desire to protect your new bundle, and also confusion.  We have created this advice section with pregnant couples and new parents in mind to help guide you through this time.  We aim to dispell some myths, guide you through buying products and bring you some interesting articles to read at your leisure.

We hope you find our advice and handy tips section useful.  If you have any articles you would like to see on this page, do let us know by getting in touch.

pregnancy advice
your 12 week scan

What to expect at your 12 week scan

The day you see your baby for the first time. So, here it is, the day you have been waiting for…your 12 week scan.  The …

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What to expect at your 20 week scan

What to expect at your 20 week scan

It’s time for your 20-week scan. But what can you expect? You’re about halfway through your pregnancy. It’s likely that your bump will be showing …

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Pregnancy and lockdown

Pregnancy and lockdown – how to keep yourself healthy

PREGNANCY IN LOCKDOWN ADVICE It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Your pregnancy was supposed to be a relaxing, wonderful time where you pottered around …

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Throwing a virtual baby shower!

PLANNING YOUR VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER You have been looking forward to this since you announced your pregnancy to the world. However current restrictions on socialising …

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baby names

Special baby names with special meaning

ALL BABIES ARE SPECIAL, BUT SOME HAVE NAMES WITH SPECIAL MEANING As we approach the end of the year, those clever people at the Office …

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What baby essentials do I really need

What baby essentials do I really need?

WHAT BABY ESSENTIALS DO I REALLY NEED? As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, your brain goes into overdrive.  What should you …

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