Holiday checklist for travelling with a baby

When the sun is shining and the weather is getting hotter, there’s nothing more appealing than laying back on a lounger, dipping your feet in the pool and sipping on a chilled beverage. Whether you’re enjoying some quality family time abroad, or on a staycation here on home ground, a cheeky holiday is the perfect way to make the most of your summer.

Your baby’s first holiday is a particularly memorable one (so don’t forget to take loads of photos!). To make sure you’re prepared for adventures away from home, we’ve put together a checklist of the essentials for travelling with babies and young children.

holiday checklist

What to pack for a holiday with your baby:

1. PLENTY of nappies (and a few spare clothes)

It’s always best to over-prepare for a holiday, especially when it comes to nappies. The last thing you want when you’re relaxing on the beach is a surprise poonami with no back-ups in the bag! Just in case your little one does have an accident, put in a few extra outfits too – just in case…

2. A travel stroller that can fit in a car/plane

While your pram is perfect for days out at home, it’s best to travel with something a little lighter. Travel strollers are specially designed to be easy to carry, and small enough to be packed away with the rest of your luggage. After all, you don’t want to be wrestling with a pushchair and a huge suitcase and a young child on your journey. Some strollers, like our Aster 2, are even compact enough to be taken on planes as carry-on luggage, folding down to fit in the overhead locker! However, make sure you check your airline’s restrictions before travelling.

3. First Aid Kit, including any medication your little one needs

Keep your little one happy and healthy on your holidays by packing a little first aid kit of the essentials. These are easily found prepackaged online, or you can make your own that’s best tailored to your baby. Some of the things we recommend that you include are plasters, bandages, sterile cleaning wipes, a pair of tweezers, dressings, microporous tape and some eyewash. If your child is on any medication or needs medical equipment, don’t forget to pack that, too.

4. Toys, books and activities

To keep your baby entertained, and to bring a sense of familiarity to a foreign destination, bring along some of their favourite toys and books. Their much-loved cuddly toy will offer some much-needed comfort while you travel, and a few fun activities will keep baby entertained while you get some much needed relaxation on the sun lounger.

5. Sun protection

Staying safe in the sun is absolutely crucial, regardless of whether you’re on a Spanish beach or at a British park. You should aim to keep your baby out of full sunlight, as it can be extremely damaging to their delicate skin. Protect your little one with a hat and sunscreen even in the shade. If your pushchair doesn’t have a UPF hood that extends to cover your child from the sun, you can invest in a sun shade cover or parasol. Plus, if you’re travelling by car, you can get shades to put on the rear passenger windows.

6. Any necessary holiday paperwork

You won’t be going anywhere if you don’t have the right documents with you! If you’re travelling abroad, don’t forget to pack everyone’s passports. Even if newly born, your baby will need their own passport to travel (you can find instructions on how to do this on the government website). A child passport is valid for 5 years, so if you have any older children make sure that their documents are all in date well before travelling. Other paperwork you may need on your holiday includes boarding passes, booking confirmations, vaccination records, insurance, etc. The requirements vary on your destination and airline, so always check before travelling.

7. Food and feeding equipment

Bringing some snacks for the journey itself will not only help to satiate your hungry kids, but it can also help with air pressure changes on planes (AKA when your ears ‘pop’). You’ll also need any feeding equipment you use at home, such as a breast pump, bottles and a steriliser. If you’re going abroad, you may want to buy your food and snacks at the airport instead of taking up precious luggage space!

8. Changing bag full of essentials

In addition to your extra nappies, make sure your changing bag is fully kitted out with the necessities. We recommend including dummies, wipes, muslins, teethers, nappy bags and a portable changing mat. Don’t bury these at the bottom of the suitcase as you’ll need them while travelling as well as at the other end! However, make sure that any liquids over 100ml aren’t in your hand luggage on planes.

Our top tip is to run through your daily routine at home, taking note of anything you use on a day-to-day basis. Chances are you’ll need those items on your holiday too, and it’s better to realise you’ve forgotten your toothbrush in the middle of packing, rather than when you’re stood over the hotel sink at the other end!

Travel safely and have a wonderful holiday with your family. And, if you’re looking for more parenting or baby advice, you can find lots of articles on our blog page.


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