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Best pushchair for travel

Travelling with a baby or small child can feel like a hike up Mount Everest.

Whether it’s a day trip on a train, visiting Granny and Grandad, or traveling further afield, there’s a lot to consider (and pack).

One of the most important things to get right when travelling with young children is the pushchair.

By choosing the best pushchair for travel, it’s one less thing to worry about.

New pushchair types

Despite the stress and baggage of travelling as a family, modern parents are not put off by the prospect of travelling with young children. This has therefore fuelled growth of the travel pushchair and compact-fold pushchair market.

No longer are there limited choices; as with anything in the baby industry, the market keeps pace with customer needs to offer a spectrum of fantastic products to choose from.

A lightweight stroller or buggy is perfect for local trips when at home, but also takes up less room in the boot of a car. Furthermore, it is ideal for lifting up and down steps or on public transport where space is at a premium and you most likely have your hands full.

The rise of the compact stroller

The arrival of compact folding strollers has added a whole new dynamic to the pushchair market.

These models give flexibility when flying or hiring a small car, often collapsing to fit inside the overhead compartment or small boot. In fact, they often fit into a handy bag or collapse to a suitcase size to be compatible as carry on luggage.

A compact stroller will offer a much lighter weight overall, making it easy to carry up steps out of a train station for example. The good news is that they also allow for a smooth and comfortable ride for the little one and many are suitable from birth to pre-school!

Versatile travel systems?

For a more versatile option, a travel system allows parents to take only what they need at that time.

With a travel system, the carry cot, pushchair seat and chassis are all separate items. They can be used to suit the child’s needs, leaving the unwanted pieces behind if travelling with limited space.

The travel system option offers greater flexibility and can see a child right through from birth to toddlerhood. Whilst this has merits, it does mean that it will likely take up more space both home and away and they are heavier than lightweight strollers.

They do provide greater comfort, a larger luggage basket, and can accommodate other siblings. When traveling with multiple children who may tire easily, this is naturally a huge benefit to weary parents.

Add accessories such as additional seats, reins or harnesses, or a buggy board to offer a ride to tired siblings.

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