Cosmos Window

The Cosmos and Cosmos Bloom Travel System Technologies

We asked our designers and technical team to answer a few questions on the technical development of the didofy Cosmos and Cosmos Bloom.

Where were you and what was happening when you came up with the idea for the Cosmos/Cosmos Bloom?

We knew there was demand within the mid-market tier but many products were focusing on how products looked rather than on making life easier for parents. We felt that with our experience and ethos we could design both a hugely functional stroller but one that is fashionable too.

What were the initial design features that you knew you needed?

  • The fold was critical as it had to be a true one-handed fold
  •  A full travel system with all the associated component seamlessly integrated

What were your must-haves with the Cosmos/Cosmos Bloom design?

  • Lightweight for a travel system
  • Standing one piece fold
  • Extendable hood as parents we felt that this is an important feature and is often missing

What issues occurred along the way?

There are always so many design and feature ideas so trying to perfect and include as many as possible is always tricky. We always have to keep an eye on the initial brief to ensure the final product hits its goal.

What features would you have liked to add but were unable to? 

When in seat mode we would love to have it fold in one motion with the frame but instead we have a two step one hand fold, first the seat and then the frame.

What features do you adore and our very proud of on the Cosmos/Cosmos Bloom?

The GravityFold is unique, slick and easy.

What is the future of the Cosmos/Cosmos Bloom?

We are constantly innovating and improving, watch this space!

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