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Tips for travelling with baby

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside… tips for a travelling with baby


With many holidays abroad being postponed to 2021, it looks like more and more of us will be travelling with baby for a day or two at the good old British seaside this summer. Around three million of us live near the sea, and nowhere in the UK is more than 70 miles from our 11,073 mile long coastline. We even have more than 1,000 islands, although only 130 of them are permanently inhabited.

So with lockdown gradually easing, and the sun getting ready to shine down in glorious Technicolor, let’s head for a day at the beach. Buckets and spades at the ready, windbreak and sun tent, fish and chips and plenty of games to keep everyone entertained.

But if this is your first year at the beach with baby, what do you need to think about to get ready? It’s not quite as easy as it used to be but there are still wonderful things to do with your little one by the sea.  Here are our tips for travelling with baby.


Sun protection

Whether it’s cloudy or clear blue sky up above, your baby needs sun cream. The NHS advise using at least factor 30 sun cream, that you keep babies out of direct sunlight and also that you attach a sun canopy or parasol shade to your pushchair or carrycot.


Social distancing

Sadly, this year will be much different to others, so when travelling with baby, make sure you keep your distance on the beach just as you would elsewhere, and take your face masks with you in case you want to pop into any shops or cafes.



It gets everywhere. Who knows how? Don’t underestimate how irritating sand – or dried sea water – can be to baby’s delicate skin. It’s worth having plenty of wipes or a bottle of tap water at the ready to rinse baby off and prevent sore skin. And pop your baby on a picnic rug or messy mat. They’ll love playing with the sand but you’ll need to keep an eye on how much of it they’re eating, or you’ll be apologising to the harbourmaster that they’ve eaten half the beach!


Buggy wheels

It’s surprisingly difficult to push a buggy on the beach. Locking the wheels into a fixed position can make it easier, but it’s worth planning your route to minimise the distance from the car to your chosen spot when travelling with baby. You could try something like Sand Sliders to help.


The picnic

If you’re breast feeding, it’s easy to feed your little one on the beach. If you are bottle  feeding, it’s important to only make up the milk when you need it to reduce the risk of bacteria and infection.  Take plenty of cooled boiled water to keep little one hydrated. Remember that your usual café or ice cream might not be open this year so it’s worth packing a decent picnic for all of you to avoid hunger pangs.


And relax…

Although there’s a bit more to think about as you set off for a day beside the seaside with your new family, there is so much to be enjoyed. The opportunity for you to see a different sky can be hugely restorative as can getting your steps up with a coastal walk or along the promenade. Watching your little one gazing at the edge of the world, paddling tiny toes in the ocean and looking at the seagulls, will make for precious memories. So have a lovely time, and here’s hoping all that sea air will help every member of the family to get a good night’s sleep!


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