Aster Fold

The Aster Compact Stroller Technology

We asked our designers and technical team to answer a few questions on the technical development of the didofy Aster.

Where were you and what was happening when you came up with the idea for the Aster?

As parents living the journey we see and learn along the way. Whilst being away we felt that we could improve on the user experience. A travel stroller shouldn’t just be compact but it is should be easy to fold and use. You are more often than not carrying your baby whilst juggling luggage so having a simple one handed folding stroller is imperative.

What were the initial design features that you knew you needed?

The fold! It had to be so easy whilst not compromising size and weight which are also key requirements for strollers.

What were your must-haves with the Aster design?

  • An easy and eye catching fold
  • Compact enough to fit in an overhead locker
  • Feel sturdier and more robust than other strollers on the market
  • We wanted the Aster to be THE must have stroller.

What issues occurred along the way?

With a pretty long list of requirements it became very difficult to design but we did an excellent job balancing it all.

What features would you have liked to add but were unable to? 

We would have liked to have a carrycot attached and a seat that switched between world and parent facing.

What features do you adore and our very proud of on the Aster?

The MagicFold without a doubt. We are really proud of this innovation. It gets so much attention whenever anyone sees it but more importantly it is so useful and helpful to our didofy parents.

What is the future of the Aster?

We have an upgrade to our Aster due to launch in November which will enable a carrycot and car seat to be attached. These latter accessories are due in 2022 which we are very excited about.

If you’re interested in the didofy Aster, you can view the entire range here

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