The best baby podcasts for all new parents

The arrival of your new baby signals a farewell to the life you once knew.

It’s ‘goodbye’ to having a lie in whenever you want to. Say ‘adios’ to carefree days or nights with friends. Bid ‘au revoir’ to putting yourself first.

Having time to read and research important topics is something that gets added to the list, and can feel overwhelming trying to squeeze in.

That said, parents still want advice and information about how their baby is developing, or about any worries that they may have.

There’s just not enough time in the day to sit and read the pile of baby books that have been optimistically piled up since maternity leave, however.

Instead, pregnant women or new mums who have just had a baby often prefer to listen to a podcast.

Enter the podcast

Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. There’s everything from comedy, sports, or current affairs, right through to a nostalgic look back to the 90s. The best news however is that there are loads of educational and informative topics for parents that they can play whilst carrying out other tasks.

Perhaps it’s maternal mental health or birth stories that new mums are looking for. Or maybe it’s a satirical look at parenthood to lighten the load a little. Whatever floats their boat, parents can listen along while folding the washing, or taking a walk to get the baby to nap.

The Best Baby Podcasts

Below we have listed several of the best baby podcasts to enjoy during the new journey of motherhood.

1) The Longest Shortest Time

Award winning podcaster and author, Hilary Frank set up this amazing motherhood podcast after a rough and anxious pregnancy. The Longest Shortest Time podcast says that it is ‘the parenting show for everyone’, with stories about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans. Fit to cater for all, including non-parents, Hilary seeks to explore the most surprising and shocking things she has discovered involved with parenthood.

 2) One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother is a comedic podcast which explores the reality of parenting. It regularly highlights how parents aren’t perfect, and is one of the best parent podcasts to expose how parents are just regular people dealing with a sometimes unnatural parenthood. The podcast strives for less judgement, and more laughter.

 3) Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher

Hosted by Queen of the Jungle, Giovanna Fletcher, the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast is one of the best mother podcasts to ever exist. For women having their first baby, it provides a strong support system, whilst sharing positive and inspiring stories of what it’s really like to be a new mother. Gi regularly interviews famous parents to get their take on motherhood, and has even had chats with Princess Catherine!

 4) The Dadcast

From being thrown up on, to every other gross thing imaginable, The Dadcast explores the silly and funny mishaps and adventures that tend to come with parenthood. This podcast is for all parents who know all too well how parenting can be hilarious, annoying, brilliant, dangerous and soul destroying all in one!

 6) Birthful

In this successful podcast, doula, sleep consultant and educator, Adriana Lozada discusses the birthing journey from pregnancy, right through to postpartum. Whether you are looking for a helpful podcast through your pregnancy, or just specifically a newborn podcast, Birthful explores every aspect of the process with insight from expert medical professionals.

 7) Dad’s Don’t Know

Hosted by 3 Australian dads, the Dad’s Don’t Know podcast is funny, real and authentic. This podcast is perfect for those looking for some light-hearted humour around what it’s like to experience parenthood as a father.

 8) Baby Talk

This is a great parent podcast for mums and dads who are pressed for time, which is probably every parent, ever. The Baby Talk podcast is a short and concise listen that also gives helpful advice to those who feel like they need more knowledge.

 9) Scummy Mummies

Hosted by two comedians, Scummy Mummies is perfect for women looking for some comedy regarding motherhood. The popular irreverent podcast discusses a light-hearted view about what having a baby is all about, and the realities of not always getting it right. Expect a fair bit of swearing and mentions of freezer food.

 10)  Birth Stories in Colour

Birth Stories in Color is a podcast for Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latino and Multiracial individuals to share their birthing experiences. It aims to tell the stories of real parents to discover the expected and unexpected parts of the journey to parenthood.

11) Here We Go Again

Hosted by Loose Women presenter, Stacey Solomon, Here We Go Again this is one of the best parenting podcasts for families who have had a slightly longer gap between having babies. The podcast looks at how attitudes and advice have changed, and what’s new to help. Expect topics to be covered in a similar way to Loose Women, but with parenthood at the centre.

12) Not Another Mummy Podcast

Not Another Mummy Podcast isn’t specifically for pregnancy or babies, but is a really useful listen for all mums. It is hosted by blogger and mum-of-three, Alison Perry, and each episode features chats from different guests about general parenting and family issues.

Happy podding!