Pregnancy announcement awards

Our Best Pregnancy Announcement Awards!

You have been itching to tell everyone for the past 3 months… If you haven’t spillt the beans yet, then the 12-week scan often marks the point that you want to tell the world your amazing news.
Many of us opt for the more conservative approach, but for others, they plan this moment like they would plan their wedding!
If you want to announce your pregnancy differently, but just don’t know where to start, read on for some of our favourite ideas from team Didofy.
pregnancy announcement dog
The award for the cutest animal announcement…
Our pets are part of the family too, right? So, why not get them involved right from the beginning? There are loads of ideas on cute and funny pet pics.  We love this gorgeous looking pooch from Cha de Bebe.  What an amazing big sister she will make!
The award for the best couple announcement…
We have two favourites here from Bright Star Kids.

For the family who enjoy a glass of wine in the evening (or used to anyway!), this classy approach shows two wine glasses, side by side, one full and the other with a do not refill until January note and picture of scan.  Subtle, we think.
Our other couple announcement award goes to 1 + 1 = 4 (or 3, or 5 depending!)

The best themed announcement…
We have been surprised at the number of themed ideas out there, but this award has to go to the Star Wars themed announcements.
We love this article from OurFamilyWorld, which details seven great pregnancy announcements which will make even non-Star Wars fans smile.  The one with the Say it With a Light Saber is our favourite simple one, but the award for extreme effort and creativity has to be the short film by Lucasfilms! Wow!
The award for the best sibling announcement…
Lots of people go for the classic big brother or sister t-shirts – even an older sibling eviction notice. There are lots of ways to involve your other children in making the announcement on Google.
We also really love some of these ideas on Mashable.
But our favourite and award for best sibling announcement doesn’t go to the actual announcement itself, but the reaction from this sister-to-be.  She definitely steals the show, that’s for sure – this is one of the funniest reactions we have seen!
Your overall favourite…
We asked our lovely Instagram followers to vote on your favourite announcement, and the hands down winner was one of those featured on Mashable.  Our followers choice goes to, drumroll please…
Little Callie from Morgans2day  – she has completely melted your hearts!

The internet is full of ideas, and Pinterest is a great place to start – we have created our own pregnancy announcement board so you can see all of our favourite ideas!
Don’t forget to share your ideas with us on social.