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Is it time to buy a new stroller?

You’re pregnant, your baby is due soon, maybe your old stroller is on its last legs and you’re in the market for a new one, or perhaps you’re buying a stroller for a loved one to help them prepare for their new baby.

Whatever the reason for buying a new stroller or pram, deciding which one to buy can be difficult. There are so many options out there and so many different types of strollers, from compact and travel strollers to double strollers and even jogging strollers, designed to be used while… well… jogging; it can be tough to choose which type of stroller or pram to buy.

How much should you spend on a new baby stroller? 

That’s actually a difficult question to answer as it really depends on both your budget and what kind of stroller or buggy you are in the market for.

You can pick up a basic, budget friendly stroller for less than £100 or you can spend well over £1,000 for some brands of pushchair – several thousand if you want a limited-edition branded stroller! But, on average, expect to pay between £200-500 for a stroller or pushchair or between £400-£1,000 for a full travel system, depending on the brand and functionality you’re looking for.

For example, our Aster compact fold pushchair is available on our website for £299.00, our premium Lotus travel system, which opens and closes at the touch of a button and includes a USB mobile phone charger, is available for £1,250.00, and our mid-range Cosmos and it’s stylish twin the Cosmos Bloom travel system bundles are available for £599.00 and £750.00 respectively.

So, as you can see – prices for strollers can vary, and it all depends on your budget, the features that are most important to you or that you’ll benefit the most from, and whether you need a simple stroller or a full travel system.

What is a stroller with a full travel system?

A full travel system, when we’re talking about strollers and pushchairs, is an all-in-one stroller package that usually consists of a stroller, carrycot, car seat, and often an ISOFIX car seat base.

What is included in a full travel system will vary from brand to brand. Some will include just the above and some may include extras, like a changing bag, changing mat, footmuff, rain cover, and maybe even more.

If you are looking to purchase a full travel system for your stroller, it is always worth looking at exactly what is included in each package you are considering and comparing it with others. You could save money in the long run by spending a little extra on your travel system if it includes items such as a changing bag and mat, as you wouldn’t need to purchase those separately.

Are strollers safe for newborns?

Most strollers these days, with the exception of jogging strollers, are suitable for use with a newborn baby. One major thing to look out for, which will enable you to easily tell if it is suitable for your newborn baby, is whether the stroller reclines flat or comes with a carrycot or car seat attachment. As a newborn baby cannot sit up or hold its head up, you’ll need a stroller that allows them to lay down flat with their head supported. Most jogging strollers don’t recline, so would be unsuitable for babies younger than around 6 months.

Another thing to look out for if you need a stroller for use from birth is a sturdy stroller with good steering and a good suspension system to absorb impacts along rough ground, keeping the ride as smooth as possible for baby. You don’t want your baby being disturbed by every bump or bounce as you push your stroller along now, do you?

Do strollers have suspension systems?

Not all strollers are built equally and not all stroller suspension systems are either.

Most strollers nowadays will have some form of built-in suspension. Whether that’s in the form of more vintage style suspension like the older style prams (perambulators) that our grandparents used that provides a more rocking motion for babies, to moveable joints built in near the wheels (like ours), to more rigid suspensions.

Each type of stroller suspension offers its own benefits and drawbacks, and we’d suggest steering clear of strollers with the more rigid kind of suspension until your child is a little older and more able to handle a bumpier ride, as this type often offers very little in the way of comfort against bumps, rocks, and kerbs etc.

At didofy, all our strollers are equipped with advanced in-built suspension that provides a smooth ride for your baby whether on country roads, bumpy streets, or city pavements. All our strollers are also designed with easy one-hand manoeuvring for the parents too!

Why do some strollers have double wheels?

Generally, double wheeled strollers are something of the past. You’ll still find them on some inexpensive models with plastic wheels, as they can help improve this type of pushchair’s stability. But wheel technology has improved over the years and so dual wheels on the front two positions of a stroller are no longer required for stability or manoeuvrability. Most well-made strollers will now include bigger wheels (whether on all four or the rear two positions) and constructed of materials that provide a smooth ride while remaining puncture-free – like the didofy range of strollers!

So, how do I choose which stroller is best for my needs?

Depending on your circumstances, the type of stroller you need will differ.

For example, if you are lacking space to store your stroller such as having a smaller boot on your car, less space in your home, or you like to get away abroad on holiday as often as possible, then you’ll need an ultra-compact stroller that folds down like the new didofy Aster 2. The Aster 2 folds down with just the push of a button and, because it weighs just 6.2kg and is so compact, it can be taken on most airlines as hand luggage! The Aster 2 is the perfect, ultra-compact, lightweight stroller for when space is limited.

If you have a little extra room for storage and love a bit of premium, stylish tech, then our Lotus pushchair is perfect. The Lotus range of pushchairs is unique. Designed so that all your attention can be focussed on your little one, the Lotus has an innovative auto-fold feature, so you don’t have to struggle with complex folding mechanisms – just push a button and the pushchair folds for you. It can even charge your phone while you’re out and about and the battery will last for over a week with average use. The lotus pushchair also has plenty of room for you shopping or essentials, with a 25-litre storage basket!

If you like to get out and about with your baby for long walks in the countryside or through the city and want a practical and comfortable stroller, then the Cosmos or Cosmos Bloom range of stroller might be the one for you. Both of which come as a full travel system option, including car seat, carry cot, ISOFIX base, and rain cover as standard. The Cosmos and Cosmos Bloom are suitable from birth to 22kg, meaning you’ll get plenty of use of these versatile strollers.

You can get an overview of each didofy stroller type on our homepage, allowing you to easily compare each one against your needs and the features you’d like before choosing.

Still unsure about which stroller to choose? Why not take our interactive quiz and see which one is suggested based on your answers?


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