gender reveal ideas

Baby gender reveal ideas

Is it a girl or a boy?  The best baby gender reveals

Hurray – you’re expecting a baby. You’ve made it through those exhausting first months of pregnancy and now you’ve had your scans.  You have probably already announced to the world you are having a baby. Everything’s going well and your sonographer has been able to share whether you’ve got a mini-me or a mini-he tucked away growing steadily inside you. You’re super excited and want to share your baby gender reveal news with your friends and family.
Living indoors under the cloud of coronavirus is making us ever-more determined to keep close to the people we love, and being at a distance is making us use technology in new ways. Revealing which sex your baby is to your loved ones is a great opportunity to bring some sunshine to these dark days, and planning how you’re going to do it can give you something positive to focus on.
Here we list some of the best baby gender reveal ideas we’ve seen which (if you’re revealing your baby’s gender soon) you might need to adapt and perhaps share over social media; but if you’ve got a bit of time, hopefully, everything will be back to normal and you can do face-to-face.
No matter what your views on whether bikes and pushchairs should be ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ colours, everyone uses pink for girls and blue for boys for gender reveals. It’s the simplest way to get your good news across.

1. The baby gender reveal cake

You can choose the flavour, but make sure the cake itself is baked with either pink or blue colouring, or fill between the layers with brightly coloured buttercream. Then ice it in a neutral colour (chocolate would work well, of course) and when you slice into it… ta-dahhh – your friends and family will know straight away.

2.  A pinata

You can buy these online for less than £20, and they’re a particularly lovely idea if you already have children. It can be much easier for your toddler to understand they’re getting a baby brother or sister than to understand they’re getting a baby. If you can’t go out, you might want to have one of these delivered and live stream or video your older child bashing it with a stick to share the good news.

3.  Balloon boxes

Picture this, a lovely big gift box bedecked with ribbons.  Three, two, one… the lid opens and up rises a helium filled balloon in blue or pink. Job done.

4.  Balloon pop

Balloon popping can also be fun if you have kids already, as well as very affordable. Just put lots of little bits of pink or blue tissue paper into a neutral-coloured balloon and inflate it. Pins at the ready…Pop! Tiny fluttering pieces of good news.

5.  Smoke bombs and party poppers

There’s a growing online market for gender reveal activities and you can order these easily. Get your friends and family together either in person or online, and bang! Everyone knows.

6.  Filled up football

For the football fans among us, this idea can be a good way of making sure the beautiful game is part of your baby’s life right from the very beginning. Although you could try to fill a ball with powdered paint, you can also buy them online ready to use. This is a particularly good option if your other half is a huge fan and you’re sharing the news with him. Take them into the garden, football at the ready, take a run-up and boom! – he’ll feel like he’s won the world cup, no matter what the paint colour.
All these options and more are open to you. Of course, you could keep the news to yourself, but where’s the fun in that?
To see more of our gender reveal ideas, you can look at our Pinterest board.  Why not share your ideas with us on our social pages too.