Top 15 Stroller Storage Ideas

When it comes to storing a compact stroller, a versatile and space-efficient solution is essential. Whether you’re seeking ways to optimise space within your home or preparing for hassle-free travel, a compact stroller allows for a variety of storage options. From traditional wardrobes and under-bed storage to ingenious hooks and overhead compartments on long-haul flights, this guide presents a range of possibilities for storing your compact stroller effectively and efficiently.

1. Wardrobe or Cupboard: Store the folded stroller in a wardrobe or cupboard to keep it tidy and shielded from dust.

2. Under the Bed: Slide the folded stroller under the bed, utilising the space between the bed frame and the floor.

3. Garage or Storage Room: If you have a garage or a designated storage area, you can keep the stroller there to free up space inside your living areas.

4. Vertical Storage: Lean the folded stroller against a wall or in a corner to save floor space. Ensure it’s stable and won’t topple over.

5. Travel Bag: Many strollers come with their own travel bags. If not, you can consider purchasing a padded travel bag designed for strollers. This not only protects the stroller but also makes it easier to carry and store.

6. Hanging Hooks: You can use hooks mounted on walls to hang the stroller by its handlebar. This works well in spaces where floor space is limited.

7. Cabinet or Cupboard: Utilise a spacious cupboard or cabinet to store the folded stroller. Ensure there’s enough space without causing any damage.

8. Under Stair Storage: If you have an under-stair storage area, it can be a great place to keep the stroller, especially if it’s folded and compact.

9. Car Boot: The Aster’s compact size makes it suitable for storing in the boot of your car, freeing up space in your home and ensuring it’s readily available for outings.

Check out MC Grammar putting a compact stroller in his boot!

MC Grammar and the didofy Aster Stroller storage

10. Overhead Locker: As mentioned, the Aster’s size allows it to fit in overhead lockers on most long-haul flights, making it convenient for travel. Always check with your airline beforehand to ensure it’s allowed. Check out article on airline hand baggage storage sizes.

11. Shelving Unit: If you have a shelving unit with adjustable shelves, you can allocate a space for the folded stroller.

12. Temporary Hook or Peg: Install a temporary hook or peg on a wall or behind a door to hang the stroller when not in use. Ensure it’s secure and won’t cause any damage.

13. Under Furniture: If you have furniture with open space beneath it, you can slide the folded stroller under, keeping it hidden but accessible.

14. Travel Storage Organiser: Consider using travel storage organisers with multiple compartments to store the stroller as well as other baby travel essentials.

15. Custom Nook: If you’re up for a DIY project, you can create a custom nook or alcove specifically designed to store the folded stroller.

With folded dimensions of 55cm x 47cm x 25cm and unfolded dimensions of 55cm x 82cm x 105cm, the didofy Aster stroller offers a convenient and practical approach to both daily storage and travel needs.

Remember not to subject the stroller to any unnecessary wear and tear. Always consider the stroller’s condition, safety, and ease of access when deciding where to store it.

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