5 benefits of using a carrycot

As a new or expecting parent, there are so many things to consider and so many decisions to make about how best to care for your new baby. One such decision that may seem small but can have a big impact on your daily routine is whether to invest in a carrycot. A carrycot is essentially a portable bed for your baby, designed to keep them snug and secure as you go about your day. But is it worth including one in your growing list of newborn essentials?

To help you decide, we’ve put together five key benefits of using a carrycot:

Stargazer newborn carrycot

1. Carrycots are conveniently portable

One of the most significant advantages of carrycots is their portability. Many designs are lightweight and easy to transport, either by carrying or by placing on a chassis. Your baby can enjoy restful sleep and a comfortable bed whilst you’re able to get out of the house, go for walks, run errands, etc.

Say, for instance, you’ve run out of nappies – a problem almost every parent has encountered at some point. You need to run to the store, but you’ve just gotten your baby down for a nap and there’s no-one else home. If your baby falls asleep in a carrycot, you can gently transfer them onto a chassis and stroll down to your local shops without waking them.

The Stargazer Carrycot is particularly convenient thanks to its ability to fold down to a practical size. With just two clicks, it collapses down for easy storage or transport, and just as easily locks back into place. Suitable for overnight sleeping, it’s the perfect companion when travelling with a newborn.

2. Carrycots are great for your baby’s health and development

Carrycots offer a snug, safe, comfortable place for babies to sleep, and are specially designed to aid healthy growth and development. Perhaps most importantly, they allow newborns to lie flat and in the best position to allow them to breathe easily and develop correctly. Check out our blog for more reasons why it’s best for your newborn to lie flat.

In addition to their posture, another common concern for young babies is their temperature. In those fragile early months, overheating or getting too cold can be very dangerous, and your child relies on you to make sure they’re at a safe, comfortable temperature. Many carrycots are designed with ventilation, sun protection, good air circulation, and breathable fabrics to help regulate baby’s body temperature.

3. It’s an opportunity to bond with your baby

As a parent, bonding with your baby is a heart-warming, special activity that helps strengthen your connection. Going for walks with your little one is a perfect time to nurture that bond, and a carrycot allows you to make eye contact, share smiles, and engage with your child. Enjoy new sights and sounds together, and spend some quality time as a family.

Having a carrycot also means that you can bring your little one with you wherever you go. Spend even more time with your precious baby and keep them by your side, not limiting your bonding time to your house. If you’re always on the go, like to be outdoors, or have to travel a lot, this is a great way to ensure you’re still getting that bonding experience with your child.

4. They’re designed for comfort

We’re all familiar with the difference between a night on an uncomfortable bed and a night on a luxurious one. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to be comfortable – your baby is the same. Sleep is such an essential part of their health and development, and ensuring that your baby is well-rested is one of your top priorities as a parent.

Carrycots are specially designed for newborn comfort, with a good night’s sleep being a key part of their design. Surrounding your baby on all sides, the carrycot helps to emulate the familiar sensation of being in the womb, immediately putting baby at ease. The soft mattress is comfortable and supportive, while the gentle rhythm of the chassis can help to lull little ones to sleep. Some carrycots, such as the Stargazer, have rocking mechanisms to soothe and comfort baby even when you’re back inside.

5. Carrycots are incredibly versatile

As we’ve seen, a carrycot offers a number of different uses which are invaluable to you as a parent. Firstly, it’s the perfect way to take your newborn out with you. Whether you need to run an urgent errand, can’t get a babysitter in time for your coffee date, or maybe just fancy some fresh air and a nice walk, you can bring your little one with you in their carrycot.

Secondly, your carrycot can double up as a bed for your baby. A number of carrycots (including the didofy Stargazer) are suitable for overnight sleeping – not all of them are, however, so be sure to check first. This means that if your baby nods off while you’re out and about, you can keep them in the carrycot at home while they sleep. You can also take it with you as a portable cot when you’re travelling or staying away from home.

These are just a few of the reasons why a carrycot is a great choice for your newborn. Their versatility, practicality and considered design all help to keep your baby safe, healthy and comfortable. If you don’t feel that a carrycot is right for you, another option is a lie-flat pushchair. Check out our online shop or visit your local retailer to explore your options!


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