didofy lotus technology

The Technology Behind didofy Lotus

The Lotus Travel System Technology

We asked our designers and technical team to answer a few questions on the technical development of the didofy Lotus baby travel system.

Where were you and what was happening when you came up with the idea for the Lotus?

The initial idea came from being a first time parent and going through the travel system purchase cycle. Premium pushchairs are expensive and can cost the same as a second hand car. The thought that for that price it should open and close itself was stuck in my mind.

What were the initial design features that you knew you needed?

  • It needed to open and close itself
  • It needed to be reliable and simple

What were your must-haves with the Lotus design?

  • It needed to have a mobile phone charger
  • It needed to open and close itself
  • The weight had to be in line with other premium travel systems

What issues occurred along the way?

A lot of research and development went into the design, testing ideas of which many didn’t work or stand up to the didofy requirement. A lot of prototypes!

What features would you have liked to add but were unable to?

For the front wheels to fold back during fold reducing the folded footprint

What features do you adore and our very proud of on the Lotus?

The fold is unique. It uses an actuator which is reliable and is actually the only moving part which ticked the simple box too.

What is the future of the Lotus?

We are continuing to work in the background and innovate, making the Lotus even better.

If you’re interested in the didofy Lotus in navy, teal, grey, black or pink travel system, you can view the entire range here.

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