on the go stroller

A day in the life with Aster on the go stroller 

Here’s how we use our Aster 2 everyday as it’s the perfect on the go stroller, as a family of 4! We always start our day a little more frantic than we hope to, it starts by getting myself and my 2 little boys out the door. We use the Aster 2 every morning on the school run to drop off my 4 year old, the Aster 2 is so easy to handle it makes the sleepy walks to school much easier.

From there we always take a slight detour to grab a coffee which I place in the cup holder ready for making our way to the park. This time allows me to enjoy a warm coffee and help tire my 18 month old out ready for a mid morning nap. The Aster 2 has super durable fabrics, which come in handy with my boisterous 18 month old.  

What we love about the Aster 2 on the go stroller, is if we have to run some errands before heading home it has a large under seat basket and it’s so lightweight it’s really easy to manoeuvre around the shops. Plus, if we don’t quite make it home in time for naptime the foot cosy and lie-flat features allows my little one to get a restful sleep whilst we are out, so he is up and ready for play when we get home. 

Once home, I fold it up using the magicfold, just the press of a button and it folds, we love this feature. The Aster 2 is ultra compact and self stands which means I can easily tidy it away in our busy home, so I don’t trip over it in the hall. 

Later in the afternoon when it’s time to pop to the supermarket, for those bits you always forget, I use the magicfold once again to fold the Aster straight into the car boot, which is perfect. We can whizz around the isles picking up those forgotten bits. Before heading back out on the school run, the easy to use harness makes it so easy to get my little one in and out all the time. 

He also finds it super comfy and is happy to be in his stroller but when he is ready to get out and walk alongside his big brother for short periods of time, the easy to bumper bar makes this a breeze. He can jump in and out, as it’s so lightweight. I don’t have a heavy pushchair to continue pushing around while he is off finding his feet with his brother. Sometimes on the walk home my 4 year gets a little tired, as the stroller take up to 22kg he can jump and his little feet, the pair of them make it a game, which does slow the walk home down, but sometimes it’s good to enjoy a slightly slow pace in life and enjoy those fun moments, one day they won’t want to play the stroller dance so while they do I’ll take it. 

We use it multiple times because it’s so durable and really stood the test of the time! We love it, and we recommend it to all our friends. It’s also perfect for taking on holiday as it can be taken on as hand luggage. It truly is the full package, as i’ve mentioned it comes with a foot cosy, a cup holder and of course this is the UK so the much needed rain cover.