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The thing about the baby and toddler industry is that is moves on almost as quickly as little ones grow up. It feels as though most weeks there are new developments, gadgets, and changes to recommended advice, such as the self-folding pushchair.

It’s only natural then that the pushchair market is no exception.

When it comes to choosing between the different styles, colours and features, it can be tricky to know where to start!

What’s the difference between a pram, pushchair and stroller?

Good question, indeed.

Typically, a pram is something for the first few months of a baby’s life when they are unable to sit up unaided and need most protection. A pushchair is the next stage, and is a seat with a hood that can be reclined and used in both forward and backward directions. Strollers (or buggies) are generally forward facing, lightweight and take up much less space, used for toddlers and onwards.

Often however, a travel system will incorporate the first two and, with adapters, support the use of a car seat.

So once you have clarified the type of pushchair you will need, you need to think about the colour, design and any extra features that you want. For example, three-wheeled, compatible for multiple children, or auto-folding.

Yes, we really did just say an auto-folding pushchair.

What is an self-folding pushchair?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s exactly what it says on the tin, it is self-closing.

This new breed of buggy collapses on its own with the push of a button, leaving the parent hands free to deal with the juggle of baby, bags or other children.

Ideal for parents or grandparents with back problems, or mums recovering from C-sections, the auto-folding mechanism means less bending down and lifting.

A complete game changer!

It is also a great option for parents who use public transport or like to travel. The pushchair can be collapsed easily whist the parent can concentrate on the safety of the baby in boarding a train, bus or plane.

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