car seat safety

Why having a suitable car seat for your little one is so important for their safety

In honour of Road Safety week, we thought we’d highlight the importance of a car seat for your child and the rules we must abide by in UK law. Driving with a newborn or child can be nerve racking as it is, but knowing all the rules and regulations can help to ensure your child stays safe in the car. 

What is required with car seats by law?

In the UK, car seats are required for children until they are 135cm tall or until the age of 12, so having the correct age car seat for your child is essential. The law contains plenty of research that specifies what is suitable for your child by including age, weight, height within weight groups and i-Size guides. To read more take a look at the Government guidelines here       

What is the safest way for a baby to travel in a car seat?    

The safest way to travel with your baby is using a rear-facing car seat ideally on the backseat. This is crucial, as studies show that rear facing car seats reduce the risk of death or injury in a crash by 90%. Rearward-facing car seats provide greater protection for the baby’s head, neck and spine than forward-facing seats. 

Why our car seat does everything to keep your little one safe:

With the Stargazer 11 piece bundle, the travel system includes the highest safety standard certified, ECE R129, including side impact. It is an i-Size car seat and is even made from recycled PET bottles as a bonus. You can have full confidence in your little one’s safety when equipped with this car seat.