Choosing the right pram

Choosing the right pram to suit your lifestyle

Choosing the right pram to suit your lifestyle

For new parents, choosing the right pram can be daunting but the first time you properly get to use your pushchair is such an exciting prospect. You imagine what it is going to look and feel like showing off your brand new baby.

Whether you’re a first timer, or are replacing an older model however, choosing a pushchair never gets any easier. It is a big decision. Aside from the hefty price tag, there are so many options to choose from when buying a pram.

Navigating the pushchair market

You’ll probably have questions like, whether to go for a versatile all-terrain travel system, a compact pushchair, or stick with the traditional pram.

The truth is that the pushchair market is flooded with new options, designs, and accessories. The good news however, is that the variety exists because pushchairs and prams are typically designed for different uses.

We thought we would take some of the legwork out of figuring out which pushchair, travel system or pram is right for you and your family.

The city pram

If you live in an urban area or are planning to take a city break, you’ll need a pushchair which is suitable for city life. It should be compact and easy to get on and off public transport.

A stroller is generally a cheaper, forward facing, lightweight option which takes up much less space. It can be used as the travel buggy, and ultimately replace the bigger pushchair as a baby or toddler grows.

Look for a reliable, safe, and highly practical ultra-compact stroller to make life easier for parents-on-the-go.

A pram for sunnier climes

For sunny days out at the beach, or picnics in the park, you will need something that offers more comfort. It’s also worth remembering that late spring does tend to bring mini heat waves too.

A pram with a carrycot will offer sun protection for newborns, but is also usually made from breathable fabrics to equally keep them cool.

For older babies and toddlers, a travel system pushchair attachment with a large hood can be used in both forward and backward directions, and can recline flat for nap times on the go.

The road trip pushchair

If you’re planning a longer trip by car, you’ll need to pack a lot more equipment.

A travel system is a versatile option which crosses the bridge between pram and pushchair. In theory a travel system can be collapsed to fit in the boot of the car, and can accommodate a carrycot, a car seat, and a pushchair seat for whenever is necessary.

The travel system offers the best of both worlds with greater versatility right up to toddlerhood.

Buggies for your country getaway

An escape to the country might be just what the doctor ordered to run wild and free for a few days.

Your pushchair will need to be suitable for a completely different terrain to manoeuvre challenges put in place by Mother Nature.

A buggy suitable for the great outdoors will need larger wheels, which lock in place, and better suspension to cope with bumps, stones and mud. Ideally choose fabrics that can be removed and washed easily, but will also offer protection from the elements.

Some points to consider when buying a pram

To make the right decision on which pushchair to choose, consider:

  • How heavy is it?
  • Is it fully collapsible?
  • Is there a one-hand fold option?
  • Are the parts fully removable?
  • Are the fabrics weatherproof (rain, wind, UVA, cooling)?
  • Can you add to it if necessary (car seat adapters, sibling seating, accessories etc.)?
  • Can it be swapped from forward to rear facing easily?
  • Can all materials be cleaned easily?
  • Can it be used in a lie-flat position?
  • Will it fit in overhead lockers or storage areas on public transport?

By considering what you want from your pushchair, and the types of uses you have in mind, you should be able to find the perfect pram to suit your needs.