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We all love a bit of home tech, don’t we?

And when it comes to being a parent, it’s easy to go overboard when preparing the home, ready for when baby arrives. It is also just as easy to get confused or overwhelmed by all the choice in baby products and what to buy! Which cot do you get? What milk bottle is best? Which brand of nappies should I buy?

Baby tech products are no different! There are so many out there that it can be difficult to choose what to get or know which will do the best job. It can be easy to just go for an expensive brand name that is easily recognisable, and everyone knows. But are the big brand names always the best choice? A lot of the time they’re well known because, while they still do a good job, they’ve had a good marketing strategy and a large marketing budget.

Technology has come a long way in a very short space of time within the baby industry. If you think, just 30 years ago in the 90’s, the most advanced piece of technology for new parents would have been a baby swing like the Graco Swyngomatic, which featured in many a grainy home video, and required no power source other than a simple crank that you wound up.

Look at the baby tech products available to parents now. There’s practically a tech product that compliments every element of parenting. From feeding (bottle sterilisers) to nappy changing (automated nappy bins) there is a tech product to help!

Baby products to help your baby sleep

But, if we’re honest, one of the most helpful areas for tech companies to focus on would be getting our babies to sleep.

There are plenty of sleep related baby tech products like monitors and sensor pads that help you care for your baby once it’s already asleep, but are there many products that will help get your baby to sleep?

Here at Didofy, we’ve found three amazing products that help do just that!

The Rockit Rocker

The Rockit Rocker

The Rockit Rocker

The Rockit Rocker is an award-winning portable rocker that can attach to any pram or stroller to create a soothing rocking motion that can help your baby fall asleep or stay asleep for longer.

So, if you need to unpack the shopping, have older children that need your attention, or just want to sit and enjoy a coffee break, the Rockit Rocker will help you do just that. It has a 30-minute cycle, and you can adjust the speed to find the perfect motion for your baby. It is even shower-proof too, so you don’t need to panic if starts to rain while you’ve got it rocking.

Zed the sleep soother and night light

Zed, the award-

winning vibration sleep soother and night light, is shaped like a friendly astronaut, a calming, glowing red night light, and comes with 6 vibration levels that are designed to simulate a soothing car ride.

It is almost a scientific fact that babies love to fall asleep in the car, and many a parent has resorted to going for a late-night drive round the block to help soothe their baby to sleep. Zed has been designed to simulate that car journey on any type of baby mattress. So, whether you’re trying to put your baby down in a Moses basket, a cot, pram, or in their bed, Zed will help improve their sleep and nap lengths.

Zed contains motors

Zed Night Light

Zed Night Light

designed to mimic the low frequency car rumbles created by the suspension and engine revs, which gives off a soothing sound and creates a lifelike car ride experience.

Zedd is also designed to gently fade after an hour, as babies sleep in approximately 45-minute cycles, which means that by the time Zed stops vibrating your baby should be in a deeper sleep in their second sleep cycle.

The calming night light gives of a gentle red glow because it helps babies to relax and even promotes the production of melatonin, helping your baby into a deeper sleep.

Wooshh the small, but mighty sound soother


shh, a high-quality sound soother, has 8 soothing sounds to choose from with multiple volume levels that you can set to play for just one hour while your baby falls asleep or all night long.

Every parent has made shushing noises to their baby to help them fall asleep, right? Then, once they’re down, you tiptoe practically everywhere in the house for fear of waking them. Woossh is designed to surround your baby with its soft, comforting sounds that mask any disruptive noises and help them sleep soundly.

Considering its small

Wooshh The Small, but Mighty Sound Soother.

The Small, but Mighty Sound Soother.

size, Wooshh can produce high-quality sounds using its premium sound chip. The sounds it produces have been carefully curated to soothe and comfort. There are 8 sounds to choose from including two water sounds – calming stream or heavy rain, and a womb sound crafted using pink noise, a heartbeat sound, and gentle swooshing sounds that all help to recreate the environment they were in for the 9 months of pregnancy.

It even has a genuine outer space noise that NASA itself gave permission to use in the product!

With such amazing sounds, a compact size, and several volume levels, Woossh really can help create the perfect sleep-inducing environment!

There you have it. Three great products, designed to help your baby fall into a comfortable deep sleep and take the stress out of nap or bedtime for the parent. And, what’s more, all three products would work brilliantly with any of didofy’s pushchairs or carrycots!


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