Our top 5 favourite pram accessories which make the perfect Christmas presents.

Top 5 Pram Accessories

Christmas time is here! And what better way to spread love than by giving the perfect Christmas gifts for parents? If you’re searching for thoughtful and practical presents to go alongside a pram, look no further. In this blog post, we’ve gathered our top 5 favourite pram accessories that make for ideal Christmas gifts. From keeping parents’ drinks secure to ensuring the baby stays warm and entertained.

Cup Holder

When you’re out and about with your little one, a cup holder can be a game-changer. Our Stargazer pushchair and Aster stroller both come equipped with a cup holder, perfect all year round and especially during these colder months. Having hot drinks on the go this winter will be a breeze!

Pram Gloves

As the winter chill sets in, keeping your hands warm becomes a top priority. Pram gloves are the perfect solution for parents walking their little ones in cold weather. These attach to the pram handle, allowing you to slip your hands in and out easily while maintaining a firm grip. They are a perfect little pram accessory!

Foot Cosy

The Aster 2 stroller includes a foot cosy, and our Stargazer includes a warm foot muff that can be purchased separately. A foot cosy is a must-have during colder months, providing an extra layer of warmth and protection for your baby. You can go out for festive walks with confidence that your little one is warm – it’s a win-win for both parents and baby.

Pram Organiser

Every parent knows the struggle of fumbling through a bag or backpack while trying to keep an eye on their little one. The pram organiser is a smart and convenient accessory that attaches to the pram handle, providing easy access to essentials like wipes, snacks, and toys. It’s the perfect solution to keep everything within arm’s reach, making outings a breeze.

Toys for baby

Last but not least, baby toys! Attachable toys that dangle under the pram hood can provide entertainment for your little one during walks. These attachments can turn a simple stroll even more fun for your baby.

This Christmas, give the gift of convenience and comfort to the new parents in your life with these top 5 pram accessories. From practical cup holders to warm foot cosies, these items are sure to make their parenting journey a little smoother and a lot more festive. Happy gifting!