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5 tips for keeping your baby warm on winter walks

Keep your little one warm this winter!

The soft crunch of snow underfoot, a bracing chill in the air, and silent snowflakes falling around you; there’s nothing quite like the magic of a winter walk. The experience is made extra-special when you’ve got a little one to enjoy it with.

Make the most of those snowy strolls with these five tips for keeping baby warm and cosy while out and about!

1. Layers, layers, and more layers

We all know what it’s like to wrap up in coats, scarves, gloves and hats ready for a walk, only to start sweating within the first ten minutes! Keep this in mind when you’re wrapping your little one up against the winter weather.

Instead of bundling your baby in one huge snowsuit or coat, consider dressing them in a few layers of clothing. This will allow you to adjust to their needs if they start to get too warm, removing a layer at a time to prevent overheating. For example, the first layer could be a regular outfit – perhaps a bodysuit and a pair of leggings. On top of that, you could add some trousers and a long-sleeved top. Your next step would likely be a coat, gloves and a hat.

The NHS advises that you remove your baby’s hat, gloves and extra clothing as soon as you’re back inside in the warm so that they don’t overheat.

2. Heads, hands and extremities

Because of their tiny size, babies can struggle to regulate their body temperature. Much like us, it’s their extremities that tend to feel the brunt of this. Hands, feet, ears… these are all much harder to heat than the rest of our bodies, so it’s important we keep them protected against the cold December air.

A woolly hat is both great for keeping your baby’s head warm, and for making them look utterly adorable! A hat that covers their ears and cheeks is also a great way to stop those delicate extremities from getting cold. Cosy socks/boots and a pair of mittens are perfect for protecting tiny fingers and toes.

3. Keep baby snug in their stroller

While you’re warming up by walking around and being active, your little one will be feeling the cold a lot more as they rest in their pram or stroller. This means they’ll need some extra help staying warm on your walk.

You can either tuck them in with a cosy blanket, or purchase a footmuff to attach to your pram/stroller. Our footmuffs are designed to fit your didofy stroller perfectly, with a soft, cosy and breathable lining to protect them against the elements. With a handy zip fastener, you can easily take your little one out of their cosy seat without hassle. Check out our range of footmuffs for the Cosmos, Cosmos Bloom and Lotus pushchairs.

4. Keep baby warm and dry

We all know the UK weather is unpredictable, and a pleasant walk can be quickly ruined by a sudden downpour. No matter how many layers your little one is wearing, none of them will be of any use if they’re soaking wet. If you are caught out in the rain, or if you fancy braving it, make sure you’re able to keep your baby warm and dry.

While umbrellas and raincoats are good for keeping the wet weather at bay, the best way to protect your little one is to attach a raincover to the pram – included with your didofy pushchair. That way, you can guarantee your baby is safe and snug, and you don’t have to worry about hogging the umbrella!

5. Regular check-ins

The best way to make sure your baby is warm and comfortable when you’re out and about is by regularly checking. If you want to make sure they’re the right temperature, check their tummy. This is a much better indicator than their hands, which we already know tend to get cold!

See if your little one is able to move about comfortably – if they have too many layers on, or too thick a coat, it can be very uncomfortable and hard to move about. If they do feel cold mid-walk, you can always take them out of the pram and hold them close until they warm up. Plus, it’s a great excuse for a quick cuddle!

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