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How to walk safely by the road with your little one

With Road Safety week in mind, keeping your child safe whilst walking beside busy roads is essential, although at first thought it may not seem much but there are dangers even with a simple walk. Below we’ve listed our top tips to keeping your little one as safe as possible when beside a busy road. 


Keeping them on the inside of the pavement

By keeping your little one away from the ongoing cars and traffic in the road it immensely reduces any risk of them stepping into the road or shielding them from any car that may accidentally mount the pavement. Cars and other vehicles can struggle to see young children, especially toddlers, so keeping them away from the road at your side eliminates these issues that could arise. 


Holding their hand and not letting them run ahead

Holding your child’s hand by the road ensures you have full control of their safety and know where they are at all times. If they run ahead on their own, either walking or using a scooter or bike, they may go too far in the distance that you cant see them, or something may happen that you are not able to stop. Alternatively, you could ask them to hold the side of your pushchair if you are already occupied pushing the pushchair itself. 


Teaching them of the roadside safety 

Not sure if you remember these video’s talking about roadside safety, help your little one be king or queen of the road. Making them aware of road safety and things that could happen if they are not careful can instil a sense of caution in them, thus making them more alert and wary of dangers that may occur by the road.  





Making sure they are secure 

Much like holding their hand, if you have a younger child still in prams, make sure they are securely fastened in their seat. With our Aster and Stargazer, both are equipped with easy yet firm buckles to keep your little one secure. Our Stargazer has a magnetic fastener, with an adjustable strap built in under the seat to make it easier to secure your child in with no fuss.