Pushchairs made easy with didofy…Getting to grips with a new travel system can be tricky, especially when you’re sleep deprived.  Here are our tips on how to master your pushchairs quickly!


It sounds obvious, but unpack and assemble your stroller, pushchairs or travel system before your baby arrives (assuming they don’t put in a surprise early appearance!). In the box, you’ll usually find instructions about how to open it and help to assemble it.  You can often look online for videos to help too. It’s also a good idea to have the car seat ready to go, just in case it’s needed in a hurry.


Practice, practice, practice. How do you put it up, put it down, adjust the seat? Can you close it with the seat still attached, or do you have to remove it first? Could you safely hold your baby whilst collapsing the frame? This is where a gravity fold system can really come in handy as it means you don’t have to put your precious baby down on a grubby floor while you grapple with the buggy.

If you’re struggling, you could try working out the steps and then adding numbered stickers to the moving parts so you know which lever to pull and which button to press in which order. Another good idea from parents we speak to is to either keep a check list in your phones or to video one of you doing it just until you master the art of pushchairs!

TIP 3 – GO!

Right then, baby safely secured in the pushchair. Keys, phone, spare nappies and change bag at the ready.  Off you go. The world is your oyster. No need to get flustered, take your time.

In a café? Just ask your friend or family member to hold the baby for a minute whilst you figure it out.

Taking up all the space in your mother-in-law’s hallway? She’s not judging you, she just wants to help. Pass her the baby and the change bag, there’s no rush. We’ve all been there.

In the car?  Trust us, you won’t be the first parent to stand in a supermarket car park crying because you are emotional, tired, baby is screaming and to top it all off the pushchair won’t fold to go in the boot of the car!  You certainly won’t be the last!  Take a deep breath, shut out everything else, and slowly go back to your practice steps.  You will master it in no time!

If things are not going to plan, don’t get frustrated, check what might be in the way. Have you left a blanket in the buggy basket? is there a teddy or a sock stuck in the mechanism? Nearly always, it’s something simple.