How to make baby’s first Christmas special

If you have had a new arrival this year, you might be looking for some ideas as to how to make a baby’s first Christmas special. Or perhaps you missed out last year and want to make up for lost time by making some new family memories and Christmas traditions.

Christmas is a really busy time, but it is an obvious time to mark milestone moments. First Christmas jumper, first Christmas Eve or first trip to see twinkly lights.

Parents always feel a lot of pressure to make all of those ‘firsts’ that little bit extra special at Christmas, but the sky can be the limit. There are so many ways to make a baby’s first Christmas memorable, so we’ve done the leg work for you.

Here is our guide to the best ways to make a baby’s first Christmas special, memorable, but also practical.

Making festive family memories

Make or buy a decoration. Look in shops for ‘baby’s first Christmas’ baubles with the year printed on, that you can bring out year after year. Alternatively, make your own DIY Christmas ornament, or look locally for ceramics specialists who can use your child’s hands or footprints to make a bespoke decoration.

A Christmas jumper photo. Take a snap of your little baby in a cute Christmas jumper or outfit. Choose something unisex so that you can look to use it for younger siblings or pass it on to friends to extend the life of the item.

Family pyjamas. Buy or make family PJs for an epic photo. Take one each year so that you can document how everyone is changing year after year.

A ‘showstopper’ annual gift. Choose a gift that you bring out each year, such as a snow globe or musical scene. Talk to your child every Christmas about when you bought it, why it is special, where you got it from, how they reacted to it each time.

Visit Santa. Go for that photo! For little ones, watch how they marvel at the sensorial experience of the twinkly lights and sounds created in grottos.

Stockings for everyone. Choose a stocking for everyone that you can use every year as part of your traditions. If you’re on a budget, buy a plain one and add your own personal touches to personalise it for each family member.

Start a tradition. Use the milestone of baby’s first Christmas to start a completely new tradition. Perhaps a winter walk on Christmas Eve, a visit to the same place each year, lunch with new parent friends, or a carol concert. Whatever it is, start it on the first year and make sure it’s in your calendar for years to come.

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Free Christmas traditions

Handprint cards. It’s really easy and inexpensive to make super cute cards or pictures with baby’s teeny handprints. Create a keepsake that you can share with others, but also which takes pride of place on your mantelpiece each Christmas. Check out handprints cards ideas on Pinterest.

Read classic Christmas stories. It’s never too early to start reading to your baby. Head to the library or look online for classic tales of Christmas Eve.  Look for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ to get started.

Bake together. It might be too soon for the baby to indulge in treats, but if they have moved onto solids, bake some healthy alternatives to Christmas cookies or gingerbread. If they are able to, let them feel the squidgy mixture or explore sprinkles to decorate them.

Watch Christmas films together. This one is more for the parents, but simply enjoy a Christmas film on the sofa and embrace the extra cuddles.

Take a photo in the same place. Take a photo of your baby in a place that you intend to visit each year to show how they grow. For example, by your tree, fireplace or somewhere outdoors.

Teach the true meaning of Christmas

Donate to a food bank or charity. Start to instil the true meaning of Christmas from year one by donating to a local food bank or charity in your community. Do this on behalf of your baby and as they grow involve them in the process by making them aware of when you started and why you do it.

Have a clear-out. Declutter old toys or clothes that baby has grown out of and donate them to a charity shop or local cause. Make this an annual tradition that they can participate in when they are older.

Visit a carol concert or church service. Look in your local community for church services or carol concerts to teach the story of Christmas. These events are usually very welcoming even if you don’t know anyone, and who knows, you may make some new friends too. With our new compact Aster V2 stroller, it can be folded by the touch of a button and stored away at any church service or concert.

Get together. Family members and friends will probably place demands on time with your little bundle. Christmas is about getting together with people who are special, so devise a schedule of who you want to see, making it manageable and appreciating everybody’s needs.

Take some time out. Remember, that Christmas is a time for fun, making memories and sharing. It is also a time to stop and relax too. When you have a new baby, you’re likely to be exhausted, whether the baby is 11 hours, 11 days or 11 months old. Make sure that you exercise the right to say ‘no’ so that you can enjoy some cuddles, playtime, or a night off without guilt creeping in.

Happy Christmas from everyone at didofy!