Keep your pushchair looking good


A pushchair is one of the most important pieces of baby equipment for parents.

Not only is it how your baby will travel in safety and comfort, it’s also where they may sleep for naps at home.

As a baby grows, they may eat and drink in the pushchair too.

So it’s important to make sure your buggy is in good condition and hygienic for your little one.

Keeping a pushchair clean

A pushchair or buggy is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and germs. It’ll visit a lot of places with you, and be full of whatever your child is eating, drinking, or playing with. A regular clean is really important to keep your baby safe and happy.

Most parts of a buggy will be removable and in most cases, machine washable, or at least suitable for handwashing. Always check the labels or manual first before removing or cleaning.

  • Fabrics – regularly wash the fabrics of your pushchair and dry it out after wet or muddy days. Hang out to dry.
  • Straps – wash or wipe these down to remove spills and sun cream.
  • Hood – wipe down the hood with some washing up liquid or soap to remove dirt, spilled liquids and other nasties that are visible when open.
  • Handles – use anti-bacterial wipes or a spray to clean your handles or handlebar.
  • Crumbs – get the hoover out to regularly remove crumbs from the seating area and foot rest.
  • Chassis – clean down the chassis to remove dirt, leaves or anything else that may block folding parts or buttons.
  • Wheels – use the hose or jet wash or a brush such as a Boot Buddy to keep clean mud off after an adventure, remove any stones from rubber, and if tyres are inflatable, check for punctures before use.

If you are preparing for a new baby and planning on using an old pushchair, consider getting it serviced or professionally cleaned to make sure it is safe and working correctly.

Checking the safety of a pushchair

Refer to the manufacturer’s manual to make sure that the pushchair itself is in good working order. This includes ensuring that straps securely fasten, the chassis folds and holds correctly, brakes operate as intended, and weight limits are adhered to.

Tip – although tempting to overload handles and shopping baskets with lots of bags, check that the parts are capable of carrying the weight. It is not really advisable to carry lots of shopping on your handlebars.

Buggy lock

It won’t always be possible to keep your buggy near to you at all times. When you need to leave your pushchair unattended, use a lock to make sure it can’t go missing. You could buy a buggy lock, or simply take a bike lock along.

Ultimately, the pushchair is an expensive bit of kit but also one that if looked after, will least for years. It’s worth the extra investment to keep it clean and looking good in the long run.