How to keep your baby safe in the sun


When it comes to taking your baby outdoors, keeping them safe in the sun is of utmost importance. So whether you are looking to go abroad or enjoy the UK sun (when it’s around) it’s important to understand the harm which sun rays can have on your little one’s delicate skin and how to protect them. To make preparing for holidays easier we have put together a list of our top 5 tips on keeping your baby safe this summer and for years to come too. If you haven’t already, take a look at our blog on travelling on holiday with a baby, we provide a checklist of everything you need to get holiday ready! 

  1. Choose the right stroller with SPF protection:

Enjoy the outdoors with confidence with our Didofy Aster 2 stroller. Its built-in UPF50 features on its extendable hood provide sunshade and maximum protection from harmful UV rays. Block out UVA and UVB rays with this innovatively designed hood, shielding your baby’s delicate skin and eyes. The Aster 2 stroller is also built with a seat ventilation for those hot summer days helping keep your little one cool.  

  1. Time your outings:

The NHS recommends remaining inside on sunny days during the times of 11am and 3pm. So plan your outdoor activities during the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun’s rays are less intense. If going out during these hours is unavoidable, as those water slides really can’t wait, then the Aster 2 extendable shade will come in handy. Don’t forget you can adjust the seat position, tilt it back to provide additional shade for your baby during these peak hours. 

  1. Use SPF to protect your little one:

It is really important to consider what you dress your baby or toddler in. It’s also worth mentioning before dressing your little one, to apply sunscreen to ensure no areas are missed and to prevent staining on their cute outfit. Opt for lightweight and loose fitting clothing to avoid your little one getting too hot. Some children’s clothing provides SPF protection, so keep an eye out for this when shopping for summer clothes. It’s also super important to follow guidelines on reapplication of sunscreen whilst out in the sun. The Aster 2’s UPF50 sun shade is the perfect addition to provide protection for your baby when they are wearing a cute summer romper and their delicate skin isn’t completely covered.

  1. Seek shade to create a comfortable environment:

Another great option to keep your little one safe in the sun is to seek out natural shade in parks, beaches or outdoor venues to minimise sun exposure. By doing this you can keep your baby cool and comfortable in the sun and safe too, whilst allowing them the full sensory experience of sight and sounds of what is going on around them. Your little one is exposed to lots of new experiences on holiday and the heat can make them sleepier, so utilise the stroller’s multi-position reclining backrest and extendable sunshade to create a shaded oasis for those impromptu nap times.  

  1. Hydration is key:

Keeping your little one well-hydrated is so important but also understanding what you can offer – depending on your little one’s age this will vary. NHS has great advice when you can introduce water for all ages and what to expect if you are breastfeeding. If your baby is 6 months or older, offering water is perfectly fine. Just remember in many places tap water might not be safe for your baby to drink, so bottled water is more suitable. Whilst out and about make the most of the stroller’s spacious storage basket, it’s perfect for beakers and bottles – maybe some snacks too.  

Didofy Aster 2 stroller is the perfect companion to help you keep your little one safe in the sun. Team it with strategically timed outings, SPF protection in both sun creams and clothing, shade hopping and good hydration, you can ensure your baby stays safe and comfortable in the sun. Embrace the joy of outdoor exploration while prioritising your baby’s well-being with the Aster 2 as your trusted companion for sun protection.


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