fathers day

Celebrating Dad’s First Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on Sunday 21st June. For a new dad, it marks a really special day, and the first of many. So how can you make the first Father’s Day special for your little one’s Daddy? We have a few little ideas…

A lie in and an enormous breakfast

Think about what he likes and have it ready. Whether it’s a full English, croissants with jam or granola and yoghurt, have it ready to prepare after he’s caught up on some sleep. He’ll wake up in a better mood and feel special. Dads need pampering too and, as we all know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

A thoughtful gift

There are hundreds of options available on the internet from a personalised book about his baby, to a personalised chopping board or a monthly beer – or even sock – subscription. You know him best and know what he’d like. A carefully chosen gift shows you love him and understand what he likes. NOT ON THE HIGH STREET have some great ideas!

An original artwork or mug

In the days before Father’s Day, you could have a go at creating a bespoke piece of art or a keepsake. You can buy a kit that helps you take prints of your baby’s tiny hands and feet, or make your own. He could keep it by his bed or in the office. Or perhaps have one of your favourite photos or prints printed on a coffee mug?

Something more exciting?

If you can, you could think about making a real day of it. Its difficult at the moment to do everything you would have normally planned, but you could buy him an experience day for the future, or just plan a day to the beach, a zoo or Wildlife Park or a national park.

The gift of time

How about going down the route of giving him the gift of time? One of the things new dads often find difficult to get used to (and which mums on maternity leave sometimes overlook) is the challenge of getting up, going to work, coming home, taking the baby because mum’s been with them all day and needs a break, going to bed, getting up, going to work… You could think about making him a voucher that promises the whole afternoon is his own to go for a bike ride, lie on the sofa with a movie (the louder and more action-packed the better) or have a beer in the garden followed by a nice meal. This sort of gift will be restorative and as welcome as an expensive present.

A special card

It’s always lovely to receive a card that someone has put some thought and time into making. If your baby’s big enough, the effort they put into their early scribbles say ‘I love you’, or if not a simple card with paint footprints and handprints means more than anything you can buy in the shops. A simple card with a design by your baby in wax crayon or poster paint and a thoughtful message from you is sure to touch his heart more deeply than something you’ve picked up in the supermarket.

It’s all about team work

So however you choose to celebrate Father’s Day, remember you’re a team. Everyone has to adjust to their new role and although it can be tricky at times, as the years go on you’ll find it’s the most amazing adventure you will ever go on. And you will get enough sleep again, one day.