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Baby Gift List Ideas

How to decide what to put on your baby gift list

They’ve been popular for a long time in the USA, and now lots of mums-to-be are holding baby showers and setting up baby gift lists on this side of the pond aswell.
Whether you choose to have a get-together with close family or friends (if you can face-to-face, or if not online), or to set up a gift list because kind relatives, work colleagues and friends are asking what you need, and don’t want to double up, it’s a lovely time to be thinking about your new baby and all the things they’ll need to keep them safe, happy and thriving. But how do you decide what to put on your baby gift list?  There are many gift lists out there, but you could start with a company such as
Here are some top tips to get you started…

Think practically

Especially if this is your first baby, it’s likely that lots of people you know will want to buy something for the new baby. Whilst one or two teddies count as essential, you’re unlikely to want thirty, so look at what things you’ll need and add them to your baby gift list. Popular items include muslins and bibs, sheets for the crib or cot, a changing bag, baby carrier or a mobile for the nursery. If you have generous grandparents, perhaps they’d be willing to cover the cost of your travel system or nursery furniture.

Think ahead

Friends and relatives can be inclined to fill your nursery up with cute, newborn baby grows. Which are lovely, but do you really need more than ten? It’s a good idea to think about asking for the clothes, accessories, books and toys that will keep you going for the first year, and remember to factor in the changing seasons.

Think about what you’ll get through a lot of

Lots of families find the cost of a new baby a surprise, so it’s OK to add essentials such as nappies, wipes, cotton wool, baby shampoos and nappies to your list as well as weaning equipment and a highchair for later. Some of your friends might be glad to be able to contribute something smaller and useful and will be pleased to know they’re helping in a practical way.

Think about safety

You’re going to need a baby monitor and a car seat. Before long, baby will be on the move and you’ll be needing plug socket covers, stair gates and cupboard locks. These are all good items for the list.

Think about yourself

If you don’t want to ask your friends and relatives for a physical gift, you might feel happier asking for help once little one arrives. Depending on lockdown, having someone to sit with the baby while you take a shower, to put some home-cooked healthy meals in your freezer or to run the hoover round is as much of a gift – often more – than something beautiful yet impractical ordered over the internet. And as for babysitting, take every offer when it comes even if it’s just so you can go around the supermarket unencumbered by a small child!

This is an exciting time

Getting ready for a baby is a very precious time and people want to be part of it with you. They used to talk about ‘being in the club’ when you first announced you were expecting, and it really is like that. You’ll be part of a club of amazing people (generally known as parents) who know the highs and lows of parenting and want to be part of it with you. Our advice is to accept all the support you are offered, and then send a lovely picture of your baby once he or she puts in an appearance to say thank you.