advice for modern parents

Advice for modern parents

Advice for modern parents – or not, you choose!

As soon as a parent-to-be announces that they are expecting a baby, it seems everyone has some advice to offer.

From predictions of the baby’s sex, comments about the shape and size of the bump, and even how mum will cope, advice comes from all directions.

Unfortunately, it’s not always helpful.

Parenthood has changed over the years. What might have once been acceptable for older generations may not be well received by today’s modern parents.

Unwanted comments

Whilst manners haven’t changed, our attitudes to what we will tolerate have.

Parents on the receiving end of the advice – particularly when it has not been asked for – are well within their rights to choose to ignore it.

Simply thank the giver for their input, and politely file it in the ‘junk’ folder.  Just remember you know you and you know your baby.  Go with your gut instinct.

Paying attention to traditions

Another evolution is that modern family set ups don’t follow a pattern nowadays.

Society is now open to a spectrum of family dynamics including same sex couples, blended families, co-parenting relationships, and single parents.

Whatever the structure of the family, new parents may wish to incorporate a mix of the traditional ideals that they were brought up to believe, and drop others. All of which is entirely up to them.

Research purchase decisions

Thanks to the wealth of information available at our fingertips, it’s worth doing the groundwork when it comes to making big purchases.

Think about the needs from day one. For example, whether a versatile travel system is preferred over a lightweight buggy, and whether it can support the child in the correct position depending on their age.

Look to forums, awards, groups, and customer reviews to get an idea of the product in the real world.  If you are lucky enough to have a pram retailer near you, make sure you go in for a test drive.  Buying a pram can be like buying a car, so try before you buy!

Set a budget

As with many life milestones, the mere mention of the ‘b’ word (baby) can hike prices up. Brands are aware that parents will want the best that they can afford, and often cater for both ends of the market. So it can be easy to spend much more money than planned.

Consider the budget carefully. Premium brands will charge a premium price tag, but there are other options available too for those willing to shop around.

It is also worth assessing the longer term benefits of an item, such as warranty, durability and even resale value.

Try to keep an open mind

As difficult as it may be, it’s a good idea to try to not overthink before the baby has arrived.

“I won’t be letting my children do…” is a common statement made by expectant parents, but it is rarely accurate!

It is actually really hard to truly predict how you will parent, and what decisions you will make faced with a situation, so just go with the flow, and adapt as you go!