The Ultimate How To Guide
For Travelling With Baby

When you are pregnant or have a baby, every day is a school day for you.  Suddenly, there is a world of new things to read and learn.  It can be an awful lot to take in.

From safety concerns, such as how to fit a baby car seat correctly, to how to choose the best pram or travel system, and even how to clean a car seat or pram, the world of babies brings many weird and wonderful questions.  

We speak to many pregnant couples and new parents every day, and as parents ourselves, we have a little bit of experience too! So, we have pulled together this section, with a little help from some of our friends and family, to help you and your new family along this exciting new journey.

If there is a question you would like answered, we will do our very best to help, so do get in touch!

How To - Fit a Childs’ Car Seat

When shopping for your baby’s car seat, safety is always first on the agenda. What most parents don’t realise however is that fitting your baby’s car seat is equally as important. Learning the correct techniques and what to check is absolutely essential.

Common Questions Asked About Fitting a Car Seat

  • Where is the safest place to put a baby’s car seat in my car?
  • Does my car fit the iSize or Isofix base? 
  • Do I need to follow the blue or red guides when fitting the seat?
  • How do I know it is secure?
  • How do I strap in my child correctly?

Read the 101 on car seat safety here.

How To - Decide On The Best Travel System

When it comes to navigating the pushchair market, there can be so much choice that it’s hard to see the difference between options.  

As we tend to use cars more these days, a travel system crosses the bridge between pram and pushchair and can offer greater versatility. Accommodating a carrycot, car seat and pushchair seat, it is a flexible option that can be used from birth to toddler.

If You’re Thinking About Buying a Travel System,
It’s Worth Noting:

  • The child can be both front and rear facing
  • It often folds, but the individual components are bulkier
  • It is a more expensive purchase, as each separate part comes at a cost
  • The attachments can be added as the child grows
  • There are often more light-weight options available

Find out more on how to choose the right pram to suit your lifestyle here.

How To - Manage a Toddler And New Baby Outing

Preparing to leave the house with a new baby can feel like a marathon. When a new baby arrives, planning an outing for two young children can feel like climbing Mount Everest!

Making it work with the least stress possible, takes planning and organisation. We’ve compiled a checklist for you so you can leave the house quickly and confidently and be realistic about your expectations! 

Read our baby checklist here.

How To - Keep Your Pushchair Looking Good

We’ve all seen grubby pushchairs. As a new parent, you’ve probably also sworn yours will never get that dirty. In reality, stains start to appear from the first outing. 

From milk stains, little accidents or when weaning starts at 6 months, you will never be more grateful for baby wipes. A regular deep clean is imperative, however, to keep germs and bacteria at bay. It needn’t be a fiddly job; breaking it down into small sections will help with the puzzle of fitting it all back together.

We have some top tips on how to keep your pushchair nice and clean for longer here.

How To - Keep Your Car Baby Car Seat Looking Good

Depending on how often you use it, your baby’s car seat can become quite dirty over time. You may not realise that you can strip down a car seat and often can be machined washed.

Most parts of a car seat will be removable and suitable for the washing machine. Some parts will only be able to be wiped down, but always check the labels or manual first before removing or cleaning.

Read our guide to taking care of your baby’s car seat.

Facing Mobility Issues As a Parent

For parents with mobility issues, the key to overcoming obstacles and being as independent as possible, will be to find the right equipment.

Luckily, manufacturers have caught up with today’s modern parent and there are options available to support additional physical needs. From sleeping arrangements to height-adjustable pushchairs, or swivel car seats, we’ve got some tips on what to look for.

Read our ideas for parents with accessibility issues here.



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