Wrap Up & Get Out



– Written by Justina Perry


It’s that time of year when it can be hard to muster up the energy to step outside. The days are shorter, it’s cold and wet and it can just feel too much of a ‘faff’ to get out and about with a baby. However, being cooped up indoors with no-one to talk to except your little one can be mind-and-soul-destroying, so here are a few tips to motivate you to just get up and go!

Walking is great exercise

As a busy mum it can be hard to fit in exercise but 30 minutes of brisk walking a day is an easy way to burn off some of the mince pies and hot chocolate that are so irresistibly tempting this time of year. Set yourself a goal to walk somewhere even if it’s just to the local shops and monitor your steps on your smart-phone. It’s a great way to keep your motivation going.

Fresh air is good for babies too

In the old days, it was common practice to leave our babies outside in the fresh air. Babies love fresh air and the movement from a buggy is also a great way to get them off to sleep. A survey last year found that 74% of children in the UK spend less time outside than prison inmates, so getting them outdoors even as babies is a great way to start establishing good habits early.

Dr Rahul Chodhari of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health even encourages this old-fashioned practice advising: “It seems that young children, infants, are not bothered by the temperature and it doesn’t seem to affect their wellbeing at all. The health benefits of children just being outdoors and physically active is enormous and there is no evidence that any harm occurs provided babies are well-wrapped and not cold.”

Nature can boost our mood and help reduce anxiety

Looking after a new baby can be stressful and estimates show that 75% of mums suffer from some kind of anxiety or depression. Nature can have a really positive impact in helping calm us down. In a study by the charity Mind, 95% of the participants interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outside, changing from depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calm and balanced.

Even if you live in more urban area, as you are walking notice the little touches of nature around. Even just noticing the sky or the trees can be a powerful reminder that there is always beauty around us.


Justina Perry is the founder of MamaBabyBliss and one of the UK’s leading experts in perinatal health and wellbeing www.justinaperry.com


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