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Frequently asked questions about the didofy Cosmos

The didofy Cosmos – frequently asked questions


We know that choosing your pushchair or travel system can be a complicated business. That’s why we’ve listened to parents and put together the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the didofy Cosmos.

1.  Does it fold with the seat on?

Yes, you can fold it up either with or without the seat.  You can also fold it with the seat parent-facing or world-facing.  When folded, it lies flat or stands up, so you can stash it in the boot or pop it behind your table in a café or restaurant.

2.  What age is it suitable for?

If you choose to buy the full travel system, or purchase the carry cot, you can use the Cosmos from when your baby is born right up until they’re 22kg. All children are different, but that’s usually aged around age six, so they’ll have been on their feet long before they’ve grown out of it!


3.  Can I use the carrycot as a sleep crib when I go away?

Yes, of course. Babies need a lot of equipment, so on that first visit to grandparents or friends, or the much-needed first holiday away as a new family, if you baby fits comfortably, they can sleep in the carrycot while you’re away.


4.  Is it a full travel system?

Yes, to make your life easier (and a bit more affordable), you can purchase the full didofy Cosmos travel system. This comes complete with frame, wheels, two-way seat, carry cot, group 0+ rated infant car seat, Isofix base and raincover.  If you prefer, you can buy the main parts separately and get what you need, when you need it.


5.  Can it be used with a buggy board?

Yes. We don’t have any in our range yet, but you can be reassured that, if you have more children, you can easily fix a buggy board on the back so the Cosmos can grow with your family.


6.  How easy is it to clean?

We know that the reality of parenting can be a lot messier than some glossy magazines would have you believe. That’s why most material parts of the Cosmos are easy to wipe down or remove and clean.


7.  Is there a way to have the chair facing forwards and still see the baby?

When your little one is ready to turn and face the world, you can easily keep an eye on them by simply lifting the handy flap to have a chat or check they’re not chewing something they shouldn’t.


8.  How many recline positions does the pushchair seat have?

Unlike some other pushchairs which have only two or three fixed reclining positions, the didofy Cosmos has an innovative design which means you can recline the seat to any angle you choose for your baby.


9.  Does it have a UV protection?

The coloured fabric of the didofy Cosmos has a unique UV sun protection built into it helping to protect your little one. Please note that the silver air screen provides shade but doesn’t include additional UV filtering.  Use the  main hood to provide protection from the sun when your baby needs it, be sure to keep them in the shade as much as possible and use at least a factor 50 sunscreen.  Fo more information on keeping baby safe in the sun you can read this article from Babycentre.


10.  Do the wheels come off for storage?

Yes, they can be easily unclipped if you want to take them off, and are easy to pop back on too.


11.  What accessories can I purchase?

We will shortly be introducing our accessory range, so watch this space.


12.  Can I buy spare parts?

Please contact us for any spare parts required and we will do our very best to help. Just email us at supportuk@didofy.com


13.  How long is the warranty?

We give you a full two-year warranty when you buy a didofy Cosmos.



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