Dad and baby using technology

Why Dad’s Love Baby Tech


– Written by Sophie O’Sullivan


Ahead of the launch of our revolutionary Lotus stroller, we have decided to find out what dad’s really think about baby tech!

Dad’s generally report to being familiar with many pieces of baby tech, from baby monitors to milk makers. As blogger Luke Davies @daddy_davies says, ‘when you have a baby you go through this whole discovery period in a completely new world of gadgets.’

The resounding feeling is that baby tech should make your life easier, and the Lotus certainly achieves this. Blogger Chiino says that ‘having an easy opening and closing pushchair is every parent’s dream’and our innovative stroller certainly is the dream – unfolding at the push of a button which makes it easy and accessible, eliminating all of the pushing and shoving!

Luke says that the auto folding feature on the Lotus is perfect for those who have joint problems, stating that ‘my back and knees aren’t what they used to be and I actually can’t stand the thought of putting my buggy up after it’s been in the car boot.’Chiino agrees with this, stating that the point of baby tech is that has the potential to ‘make being a parent a little bit easier.’

So, there we have it, come and see us launch the didofy Lotus  at The Baby Show 1st- 3rdMarch at Excel London on stand G30, and see how we can make your life just a little bit easier!

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