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Adapting a Pushchair for a Growing Family

When couples start to think about expanding their family by having another baby, it’s time to tackle some important issues.

The lack of sleep (again), the drop back down to maternity pay, and the cost of replacing baby equipment. 

Families will be able to reuse a lot of the baby items for a second, third or even fourth time. Equipment such as carriers or slings, baby bouncers, sterilisers, cribs and neutral clothing, can be recycled as hand-me-downs. 

In fact, a lot of these are used for such a short period of time that they are probably immaculate.

What to do with the pushchair takes a little more thought. 

Picking the right baby’s pushchair

A baby’s pushchair, pram or travel system is one of the most expensive purchases that new parents will make when expecting a baby. Getting it right is a time-consuming but critical decision as it will be used day in, day out to transport the precious cargo. 

There are so many different options when choosing a pushchair or buggy. Between models, design, tech and versatility, each has pros and cons. Deciding on which pushchair to buy can feel quite overwhelming.

It is also not uncommon for the needs of the pushchair to change not too far down the line. Moving from a pram to a travel system, pushchair attachment or buggy might be more flexible as the child grows, lifestyle changes, or when a new sibling comes along. 

Replacing a pushchair is not only expensive, however. It is not environmentally friendly or sustainable, which are two key issues that today’s modern parent is very conscious of. 

So how do you choose a pushchair with an eye on what the future might hold?

Consider extra baby seats

A lot of travel systems pushchairs have the ability to add or take away extra seats to create a double buggy. Weigh up the cost of investing in one of these types of pushchairs upfront versus buying a replacement if a younger sibling arrives. 

Think about your family lifestyle

In the early days, newborn babies need comfort and extra security. As they grow and want to take in more of the world, a smaller more compact buggy might afford more flexibility.  Consider your lifestyle, space, and how soon you might feel ready to downsize your pushchair. 

Look for pushchair gadgets and accessories

Brands often sell a range of compatible pushchair accessories to add extra features. This could be to add a cup holder, car seat adapters, or a buggy board to give little legs a rest.

It is worth noting that universal models are available too, which can be considerably cheaper. Gadgets such as this clip to connect strollers to make a double pushchair from two lightweight buggies are affordable yet can provide the same functionality as a more expensive double stroller, this is the ideal solution if you have twins.

Be mindful of trends

The latest trends in pushchair fabric tend to be in dark and neutral colours e.g. navy blue, charcoal greys, matte black etc. Others may be in more bright and bold fabrics with block or geometric prints. 

It is worth thinking ahead as to whether you might want to use the pushchair for other siblings, and whether you’ll still like the same colours or patterns. 

The new Didofy Aster is out in November and is the ultimate innovative compact fold pushchair. Designed by parents for parents to provide a reliable, safe, and highly practical ultra-compact stroller to make life easier for parents on the go. 

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