Best pram features for a newborn baby

Best pram features for a newborn baby


Choosing a pram is a big decision for parents-to-be to make. It’s often the most exciting part of preparing for a baby, but with all of the models, makes and styles on the market, it can be overwhelming.

Working out the difference between prams, pushchairs, strollers or travel systems can be as time-consuming as looking for a new home in some cases. Questions such as what a pram needs to have, what is safest, where is best to buy it from, and how much to spend, are just the tip of the iceberg.

As a baby develops, it’s a decision process that usually crops up a number of times in the early years, so it may feel as though the research never ends. One thing that usually comes quite high up the list in the early days however, is how to choose the right pushchair for a newborn baby.


What a newborn needs from a pram

In those first weeks of a baby’s life, their needs are very specific.

They need to feel secure, comfortable and be kept safe as they acclimatise to their new world.

A pram or travel system with a carrycot is the ideal attachment for babies from birth up to around 6-months old.

A carrycot is a lie-flat, bed-style carrier, specifically for newborns – often with solid high sides, a hood, and a handle. This lie-flat position allows the baby to breathe optimally without restriction, and for their spine to develop in the most neutral posture.

A carrycot or seat with a full lie-flat position is typically roomy enough for a baby to stretch out or be wrapped up, whilst the security of the hood also helps to protect from extreme noise, light or temperature.

What’s more, modern prams also tend to be parent-facing, which ticks another box on helping the baby feel safe and secure. Being able to see the person pushing them allows them to watch facial expressions and be spoken to by adults, which can all help a baby to learn and develop vital communication skills.

In the first few weeks of parenthood, it can feel as though the walls are closing in. Getting out of the house, even just for a few minutes of fresh air or change of scenery can do both baby and mum the world of good. By choosing the right ​pram for your baby, you can relax and feel reassured that baby is safe and snug, snoozing away or watching the sky, as you take the opportunity to proudly push them along.

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