mum relaxing with cup of tea while baby sleeps

Shhhh! Don’t wake a sleeping baby!

Shhhh! Don’t wake the baby


You’ve been up since 5am. The bags under your eyes feel like you could carry shopping in them. You’re tired, hungry and the baby just won’t settle. It’s hard, no-one prepared you for this.

In desperation, you pop the baby in the pushchair. Straps done up, the baby’s secured. Keys? Phone? Changing bag? Yes, you’re all set for your walk around the block.

Your baby’s still grizzly. But the sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze on your face and you feel your shoulders start to relax. Everyone has days like these. It’s OK, you can do this. The sunlight is dappled through the leaves of the trees, the birds are singing and your baby starts to settle. Their eyes are drooping. Phew, they’re asleep at last. Quick – head for home to put your feet up for an hour while you can.

You open the front door and manoeuvre the pushchair into the hall. But then, baby stirs. You freeze. Please, please don’t wake up yet! It’s OK, they’re settling back down. Breathe.

Normally, you’d pick them up and pop them back into their moses basket or cot, but you’re just soooo tired today. Let common sense prevail. If your baby’s still in their carry cot, make sure you can hear them or maybe bring the baby monitor close, leave them in the pram and just let them sleep.

But if they’re a bit bigger and have moved on to a seated pushchair, it can look like they are in an awkward position.  That’s where a fully reclining seat comes in really handy. If they are still asleep when you get in, rather than try to wake them and put them in the cot, adjust the seat so they’re lying down, make sure they’re safely fastened in, perhaps pop a blanket over them if needed, and then enjoy the ‘you-time’.  After all its in short supply these days!


Catch up on social media?

Quickly browse the internet?

Sweep the kitchen floor?


STOP! What advice would you give your best friend?

Don’t go into overdrive, just sit still enjoy a cuppa and read a book or catch up on some much needed zzzz’s.  There’s no glamour in being exhausted and if you’re not getting your R&R, you can’t look after everyone else. It’s amazing what a 20-minute cat nap can do for your wellbeing and sanity. This baby relies on you – not to mention the rest of the family, and you’re more use to them if you’re rested and chirpy than if you’re tired and grumpy!

Enjoy some escapism from the nappies, the breast feeding, the cooking and bottomless washing basket. It’s like they say on a plane, ‘fit your own mask first before taking care of children and others’.


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